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Arnot, Dr. Bob   Journalists
Badenhausen, Kurt Journalists
Baker, Dawn Rivers Journalists
Bartlett, Bruce Economy: Nation, Global and Journalists
Bounds, Wendy Journalists
Bourne, Joel   Journalists
Brill, Steven   Journalists
Broughton, Philip Journalists and Management Fundamentals
Bryce, Robert Journalists
Callahan, Sean   Journalists and Technology, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Carney, Brian M. Human Resources, Healthcare, Benefits, Journalists, and Leadership, Ethics, Trust
Charen, Mona   Journalists
Chenoweth, Avery   Journalists
Chernow, Ron   Journalists
Dalecki, Ken Journalists
Efron, Louis Communicating, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Healthcare, Benefits, Journalists, and Leadership, Ethics, Trust
Fannin, Rebecca Journalists and Online Technologies, e-Business, Cybersecurity
Farrell, Maureen   Journalists
Feil, Stuart   Journalists and Management Fundamentals
Fishman, Ted Journalists
Franklin, Mary Beth Journalists
Friedson, Felice Journalists
Friedson, Michael Journalists
Gainor, Dan Journalists
Gelb, Arthur Journalists
Gerhart, Ann   Journalists
Goldberg, Bernard Journalists
Goudreau, Jenna   Journalists and Women and Minority Issues
Hall, Randy Journalists
Harrison, Michael Journalists
Idaszak, Jerry   Journalists
Isaacson, Walter Journalists
Jay, Dr. Meg   Communicating, Journalists, and Women and Minority Issues
Jeffrey, Terence   Journalists
Kiechel III, Walter Journalists and Management Fundamentals
Kilgannon, Tom Journalists
Kiplinger, Austin Journalists
Kiplinger, Knight Journalists
Kleiner, Art Journalists
Korkki, Phyllis   Journalists, Management Fundamentals, and Publishing

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