Garrett Sutton

Garrett Sutton

GARRETT SUTTON, ESQ - LEGAL EXPERT is the Founder of Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center, Rich Dad Advisor and Bestselling Author of six Rich Dad Advisors Series books, including: Start Your Own Corporation, Loopholes of Real Estate, Writing Winning Business Plans, Run Your Own Corporation, Buying and Selling a Business, and The ABCs of Getting Out of Debt. He is also a Contributor to More Important Than Money, An Entrepreneur’s Team (Rich Dad Advisors Series, RDA Press).

Sutton is a nationally acclaimed corporate and asset protection attorney. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Hastings College of the Law, the University of California’s law school in San Francisco, Garrett has written a number of books guiding entrepreneurs and investors. Since 1988, Sutton’s Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center have provided affordable asset protection and corporate formation and maintenance services for investors around the world.

Sutton and his work have been featured on FOX and Friends, ESPN Cover Your Assets Radio Show, Think Realty Podcast and in Forbes, and other media.

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