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Default How do you define success and happiness?
Extreme commitment to your small business can sometimes have devastating results. Understanding how do balance life outside the business will not only help you find happiness, but it will also help your small business succeed, explains Small Business Advocate Jim Blasingame.
Default Small Business' Green Jacket of Success
Small Business Advocate Jim Blasingame explains how every small business begins as a dream but quickly becomes one based on survival and determination.
437808014_640 Do you prefer achievement or success?
Jim Blasingame lists Dr. Gene Griessman's 5 common characteristics of high achievement and explains the details of each.
437128756_640 The truth about small business retirement plans
Jim Blasingame lists the top 3 reasons why small business owners don't fund a retirement plan.
436411315_640 Small business and the gun control debate
Jim Blasingame talks about gun control within small business.
435697317_640 Use the power of storytelling to grow your business
Jim Blasingame lists "Blasingame’s Three Cs of Business Storytelling" to help grow your small business.
435031486_640 Managing the three clocks of small business
Jim Blasingame explains the importance of the three clocks of the marketplace.
434280954_640 A community bank is not a little big bank
Jim Blasingame explains the importance of community banks and small businesses.
433675006_640 It's good to be a business owner
Jim Blasingame shares the advantages of being a small business owner.
433012555_640 Are you an Internet dynamo or a dinosaur?
Jim Blasingame offers advice on executing an online strategy.