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Rich and Jim talk about the current situation in the Near East and what Rich thinks is likely to happen. They also talk about the influence of American forces in Iraq on these events, plus what impact all of this will have on the mid-term elections.
Rich and Jim talk about President Bush's state of the union speech from a political perspective, including the renewing the Patriot Act and topics Rich thinks the President will accomplish in 2006.
Rich joins Jim to talk about the geopolitical impact of the loss of Isreali Prime Minister Sharon as a strong and visionary leader in the middle east.
Rich and Jim discuss the political debate over the war in Iraq, including recent speeches by Senator Joe Lieberman and President Bush.
Rich helps Jim celebrate his 8th anniversary as they talk about the Republican's "winter of our discontent." Rich says they have plenty of time to recover, but the question is whether they will.
Rich and Jim take a tour of politics, including the impact of the CIA leak investigation that resulted in one high-level White House indictment; the failed nomination to the Supreme Court of Harriett Miers and the just-announced nomination of Sam Alito; and finally, why the mainstream press won't cover the successes that are happening in Iraq, but rather, just the violence.
Rich and Jim talk politics, including the Harriett Miers nomination to the Supreme Court, the Delay indictments and the Carl Rove controversy. They go on to talk about the upcoming election in Iraq on that new democracy's new constitution. Rich says it's going to pass.
Rich joins Jim to report on his recent trip to observe the elections in Afghanistan and how that fledgling democracy is doing. The go on to talk about the aftermath of the two recent hurricanes and the role the federal government should play in the recovery.
Rich joins Jim from Baton Rouge, where he's volunteering with the FEMA effort to help the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast. <br></["br"]>
Rich and Jim begin their visit talking about the global warming debate with regard to the increase in hurricane activity of late. They move on to talk about the progress being make with developing the constitution in Iraq, and whether Rich thinks Iraq is moving in the right direction toward a democratic form of self-government. (He does.)