Rich Galen

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Rich joins Jim to discuss current events, including how the new campaign finance reform bill will affect politics.
Richard joins Jim to talk about the massive black out in the northern part of the U.S.
Rich joins Jim to talk about Iraq and the politics in Iraq after the war.
Jim and Rich talk about the parliment and government in Kuwait after Rich's trip there.
Richard joins Jim to talk about Father's Day and how their fathers taught them through example.
Jim and Richard talk about the elections in November 2002 and how the outcome has affected Texas, where Democrats had been in the majority for over 100 years.
Jim and Rich talk about how President Bush can focus more on domestic issues after the war in Iraq.
Richard joins Jim to discuss post-war Iraq. They talk about the government of Iraq, and the people of Iraq and the possibilities of a new government. They go on to talk about which countries will be involved in the rebuilding of Iraq.
Richard and Jim talk about what a huge undertaking an attack on Iraq is for the United States Government. They discuss the reaction to the attack and the consequences of actions taken by other governments.
Jim and Rich talk about the United State's relationship with Germany, France, and Mexico. They discuss the U.S.'s role in aiding all three countries and how now that the U.S. needs allies, they are not helping.