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Category: Work-Life, Balance

Gary Moore
Gary talks with Jim about Sir John Templeton's concept of what it would take to achieve a Dow-Jones composite level of 1 million by the end of the next century. They move on to talk about the importance of reintegration of spiritual principles back into the marketplace.
Steve Chandler
Steve talks with Jim about how to motivate ourselves to grow as individuals, nurture our self-esteem and spirit, and leave our comfort zone.
John O'Donohue
John joins Jim on Good Friday from his home in Ireland to talk about the spiritual side of our lives. This archive features a visit with a spiritual scholar who helps us slow down and appreciate the need to nurture our spirit as well as to belong to something greater than ourselves.
Steve Chandler
Steve joins Jim to talk about how to reinvent yourself, including Steve's example of how he turned his life around. They focus on the fact that most of the keys to our success is within us, not somewhere else, and not controlled by someone else. Jim makes sure that Steve's suggestions are grounded in the reality of the challenges we face in our small business world. Steve's visits are always powerful.
Kelle Olwyler
Kelle talks with Jim about how the paradoxes in our lives both help and hinder us. She helps us learn how to identify our paradoxes, and how to manage them to our advantage, as opposed to being oblivious, and consequently let them control our lives.
Marc Allen
Marc is one of our favorites, especially when it comes to helping us visualize where we want to be in our personal and professional lives. Marc talks with Jim about how his business career began. It's a great story you don't want to miss.
Eugene Griessman
Among many other accomplishments, Gene is one of the foremost Lincoln portrayers, and he joins Jim on President's Day. They begin by first talking about his thoughts on how our governmental system worked with regard to President Clinton's impeachment. They move on to talk about Lincoln's perspectives as they would be applied today, including a visit by President Lincoln, compliments of our friend, Gene.
Noah St. John
Noah talks with Jim about his landmark discovery of Success Anorexia, how it manifests itself, and if you have it, how to identify it and remove it from your life. Symptoms include feeling guilty if you are successful. Sound familiar?
Gary Moore
Gary joins Jim to talk about how to achieve balance in our lives, by re-integrating, as Gary says, our spiritual lives with our professional lives. Gary helps us understand how to deal with all of the stress in our lives by staying out of the two ditches, fear and greed. Gary is a disciple of Sir John Templeton, who many consider to be the father of the mutual fund.
Laura and Jim talk about the importance of being conscience of the power of your intuition. Laura talks about how to "train" our intuition, and how to direct that energy as we deal with the people, challenges, and opportunities in our lives. They go on to talk about the difference between women's intuition and men's intuition. (As you might imagine, Jim get's into a little bit of trouble here).

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