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Whether you are an entrepreneur or a part of a large enterprise, getting digital right today is critical. But how do you create or maintain policies that empower employees, comply with regulations - such as GDPR and CCPA - reduce social media gaffes and, simultaneously, unlock opportunity?

This handbook helps you to unleash the Power of Digital Policy with field-tested, actionable guidance to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

Sound digital policies help to manage issues like financial risk from data breaches, but they can also streamline operations, reduce redundant content and produce value. Whether you are in marketing, legal, finance, IT or HR, the worst thing to do is to watch from the sidelines.

Regardless of the industry or your company's size or stage of policy maturity, this step-by-step roadmap meets you where you are and helps to take your organization where it needs to be.

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Do you want to live a more fulfilled existence, one where you’re building a life and business where you don’t have to choose between winning or helping others? Have you ever felt like people take advantage of your good nature, both in life and business? Or do you feel alone when you need help, despite your previous generous activities?

In Infinite Giving, Dr Ivan Misner, Greg Davies & Julian Lewis reveal for the very first time, the 7 principles of Givers Gain® which leads to a life of giving not just for the benefit of others, but most importantly for you as well. All the while allowing you to protect your time, energy, and resources to ensure you can practice Infinite Giving throughout the world.

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Multi-million-copy bestselling historian Kenneth C. Davis sets his sights on war stories in THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF AMERICA AT WAR. In prose that will remind you of "the best teacher you ever had" (People Magazine), Davis brings to life six emblematic battles, revealing untold tales that span our nation's history, from the Revolutionary War to Iraq. Along the way, he illuminates why we go to war, who fights, the grunt's-eye view of combat, and how these conflicts reshaped our military and national identity.

From the Battle of Yorktown (1781), where a fledgling America learned hard lessons about what kind of military it would need to survive, to Fallujah (2004), which epitomized the dawn of the privatization of war, THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF AMERICA AT WAR takes readers inside the battlefield, introducing them to key characters and events that will shatter myths, misconceptions, and romanticism, replacing them with rich insight.

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Deceptive misinformation comes at us for many reasons. A key one is to steal our assets. We are free to communicate and stay connected in many ways, but this benefit is now exploited by criminal elements who take and defraud. The wreckage wrought by cyber criminality is not only financial but highly emotional. Don’t let this happen to you or your family.

Scam Proof Your Assets: Guarding Against Widespread Deception gives you the tools and context for protecting yourself. This book teaches the patterns to look for, including greed and fear, ‘expert’ positioning, and charm as manipulation. It also analyzes the marks that criminals target, which include the well-educated and normally skeptical. If you think you’d never be a target, think again. Now and into the future you must keep your guard up against the relentless predators’ assault.

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From Publishers Weekly: If you work at a Fortune 500 company and live in southern Connecticut or New York's Westchester County (two of Manhattan's most affluent suburbs), chances are you buy your suits at Mitchells (in Westport, Conn.) or Richards (in Greenwich, Conn.). These two independent clothing stores are some of the most successful in the business and outfit CEOs from Chase, GE, IBM, Merrill Lynch and Pepsi. Mitchell, whose father started the business, shares the secret of his success in this unoriginal but cheerful guide to keeping customers happy. Hugging your customers, he says, has... everything to do with offering them over-the-top service. ...His advice-know your customer, think outside the box, have a "no problem" attitude-is hardly groundbreaking. But those who work with customers daily have much to gain from this chipper, inspiring handbook.

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A Clear Eye for Branding uses a conversational mode to help you understand how customers bring their own meaning to your brand and how the brand must constantly meet the customers' expectations in order to stay in its prime. You will see branding in new, clear ways with a renewed energy to put everyone in your organization from top to bottom, on the same path to supporting the brand.
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This book is an entertaining and thought-provoking story about how the devil is corrupting modern-day culture.

Lucifer, the “Boss,” interviews a potential new apprentice. The Boss explains to his apprentice how he used ridicule, “compassion,” and the courts to turn the United States from a Christian nation into a largely secular one. But he complains about how the Son has made his work much more difficult.

Lucifer’s explanation to his apprentice of how evil came to prominence in our culture, and how he can be defeated, is a story every Christian should hear and understand.

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Are your sales results always awesome? Or do some months leave you wondering if you'll be able to pay your mortgage?

One of the most difficult parts of being a professional salesperson is managing the emotional peaks and valleys that accompany the ups and downs of sales. But according to Weldon Long, there is no challenge you can't overcome, and he shows how salespeople can thrive in the face of adversity if they are just willing to create the right mindset and implement the right sales process - consistently.

Unreliable performance and unpredictable results are likely, says Long, because you aren't doing the same thing consistently on every sales call. If sales activities are random, results will be random. And random sales activities will never accidentally start producing consistent sales results, just as consistent sales activities will never start producing random results. It just can't happen.

Whether it's a bad economy, a cheap competitor, bad leads, or a personal challenge, Long provides step-by-step advice on how you can make committed, consistent activities part of your daily sales routine so you will consistently be rewarded with the sales you deserve.

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In The Relationship Economy,</> author John DiJulius teaches business leaders about the importance of relationship building in the digital age. He argues that in spite of (and because of) the advances in tech, we've become a less connected society. We have dramatically evolved away from face-to-face communication, and the skill of building rapport is evaporating. This means that customer relationships are more important now than ever ----- and they will be the key to success for businesses moving forward.

DiJulius states, "Being able to build true sustainable relationships is the biggest competitive advantage in a world where automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are eliminating the human experience, which is what creates the emotional connections that build true customer loyalty." This book reminds readers of the importance of personal connections and shows them how to attain meaningful, lasting relationships with their customers.

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What is blockchain? Why does everyone from tech experts to business moguls to philanthropists believe it is a paradigm-shifting technology, bound to revolutionize society as significantly as the internet? Indeed, why is blockchain touted as The Next Everything?

In this deft, fascinating, and easy-to-digest introduction to one of the most important innovations of recent times, Stephen P. Williams answers these questions, revealing how cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are just one example among dozens of transformative applications that this relatively new technology makes possible. He interprets the complexity into digestible anecdotes, metaphors, and straightforward descriptions for readers who don't know tech, and explains all of blockchain's most important aspects: why this so-called digital ledger is unhackable and unchangeable; how its distributed nature may transfer power from central entities like banks, government, and corporations to ordinary citizens around the world; and what its widespread use will mean for society as a whole.

Taking us on a dazzlingly vivid tour through the systems predicted to soon underpin economics, politics, global trade, science, art, and numerous other aspects of our everyday lives, Blockchain: The Next Everything is a truly extraordinary journey into our future.

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A "gray rhino" is a highly probable, high impact yet neglected threat: kin to both the elephant in the room and the improbable and unforeseeable black swan.

In The Gray Rhino, Michele Wucker shows how to recognize and strategically counter looming high impact threats. Filled with persuasive stories, real-world examples, and practical advice, this book is essential reading for managers, investors, policy makers, and anyone who wants to understand how to profit by avoiding getting trampled.

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Why is exceptionalism so important now? Thee answer is quite simple. You have no other choice. Meeting expectations is no longer sufficient. Doing your job is not a reason to keep you as an employee. Customers expect exceptional experiences. Managers demand exceptional performance. And ultimately, your commitment to excellence requires it. This is a manifesto of how to rise up to the exceptional performance within organizations and us as individuals. It is a wake-up call to stop accepting mediocrity and average performance. And yes, these pages will be a mirror that may reveal an inconvenient truth. While respecting your achievements to date, staying relevant requires you to constantly examine the simple question: Are You Exceptional?

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Privacy, Regulations, and Cybersecurity: The Essential Business Guide is your guide to understanding what “privacy” really means in a corporate environment: how privacy is different from cybersecurity, why privacy is essential for your business, and how to build privacy protections into your overall cybersecurity plan.

Chris Moschovitis walks you through our evolving definitions of privacy, explains how to orient your preexisting cybersecurity program toward privacy, and how to make sure your systems are compliant with current regulations.

Keeping up with swiftly changing technology and business landscapes is no easy task. Moschovitis provides down-to-earth, actionable advice on how to avoid dangerous privacy leaks and protect your valuable data assets.

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This sales management book is written for small business owners who don't have much time and need a little sales management know how.

Part-Time Sales Management is a proven approach to growing your company sales while spending only 10-20 hours a month in sales management. Using the Part-Time Sales Management System will help you develop a sales team that will help you grow your company the way you want.

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Too many companies have let their sales people devolve into an order-taking, customer “farming” team where the focus is on following up on inbound leads or just trying to upsell current customers. But when the early and easy inbound leads dry up, the need for outbound activity becomes more crucial than ever.

Even though outbound selling can be intimidating, it can be transformed into confident success if you have the right tools at your disposal. Outbounding shows how to power up sales with proven strategies that deliver breakthrough results, equipping salespeople with the knowledge, training, and road-tested sales tactics to raise the success rate – and even the enjoyment level – of their outbound sales.

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As a senior retail executive for some of the best-known and most successful retail brands in the U.S. and abroad, author George Troy understands today's volatile retail landscape. In this time of tremendous challenge and realignment within the retail industry, retail executives and countless others are searching for answers and direction.

Troy defines the underlying principles that have, for millennia, governed everything we retail ----- not just clothing and books, but also politics, religion, art, and other "products" and services. He explains how retailing really works and the rules for long-term success.

For anyone wanting to be at the top of the retail food chain, The Five Laws of Retail brings together To Sell Is Human with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to give you the tools for success in today's fast-changing world.

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Drawing essentially from the pioneering work of Thomas Kuhn, who wrote the classic, The Theory of Scientific Revolutions, in the 70's, this author has very artfully expounded the concept of paradigm shift & pliancy in the world of business, in contrast to the world of science. From a strategic exploration viewpoint, this is an excellent guide book.

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Small Mistakes, Big Consequences is a lighthearted look at the top 16 business mistakes that people make without realizing the potential consequences. Learn how to identify common character mistakes that can make or break your relationships, how to avoid making the mistakes yourself, and learn how to work with and manage different personality types. Filled with simple, actionable business tips to help you succeed, this book is your guide to navigating the speed bumps on the road to the corner office.

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Most businesses fail in the first 5 minutes. Provocative? Yes! How is that possible? You as an entrepreneur are caught up in the euphoria of ideas, starting out with a bright, shiny object, your baby gem that will be wildly successful. Unfortunately, upwards of 90% of all failures can be traced to a simple fact ----- they fail at positioning, which inevitably leads to total failure. However, failure is not a foregone conclusion. Position to Win is a process that changes the odds drastically, moving you to a defensible position. Position to Win is strategic; it applies to person, idea, concept, product, service, and market. This is the first Ace in a system of seven Aces. It is the cornerstone of all success. It will open your eyes to the possible and turn it into the probable. Winning equals achievement. You can deal yourself a winning hand and become more than you are today. It all starts with Positioning yourself as a Winner!

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Futurist Gerd Leonhard breaks new ground again by bringing together mankind's urge to upgrade and automate everything ----- down to human biology itself ----- with our timeless quest for freedom and happiness. Before it's too late, we must stop and ask the big questions: How do we embrace technology without becoming it? When it happens ----- gradually, then suddenly ----- the machine era will create the greatest watershed in human life on Earth.

Technology vs. Humanity is one of the last moral maps we'll get as humanity enters the Jurassic Park of Big Tech. Artificial intelligence. Cognitive computing. The Singularity. Digital obesity. Printed food. The Internet of Things. The death of privacy. The end of work-as-we-know-it and radical longevity: The imminent clash between technology and humanity is already rushing towards us. What moral values are you prepared to stand up for-before being human alters its meaning forever?

Gerd Leonhard is a new kind of futurist schooled in the humanities as much as in technology. In his most provocative book to date, he explores the exponential changes swamping our societies, providing rich insights and deep wisdom for business leaders, professionals and anyone with decisions to make in this new era. If you take being human for granted, press Reset now with this passionately argued call to create a genuinely braver new world.

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At age nineteen, Shannon Huffman Polson became the youngest woman ever to climb Denali. She went on to reach the summits of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Kilimanjaro and spent more than a decade traveling the world. Yet it was during her experience serving as one of the Army's first female attack helicopter pilots that she learned the lessons of leadership that forever changed her life.

With insights from her own crucibles of experience – and from other women – The Grit Factor is both inspiring and pragmatic, a book that will energize and enlighten current and aspiring leaders everywhere.

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Organizations need to offer customers breakthrough products, services, and solutions to effectively compete in today's innovation-hungry economy. The challenge is that customers often don't know precisely what they want.

In this book, Chip Bell advises developing co-creation partnerships with them, fulfilling customers' hopes and aspirations, not just their needs and expectations. Using examples from organizations like McDonald's, DHL, Marriott, Lockheed Martin, and many more, Bell shows how co-creation partnerships enable you to tap into the treasure trove of ideas, ingenuity, and genius-in-the-raw within every customer.

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Today is the slowest rate of change we will ever experience. From this provoking premise, global futurist Jack Uldrich succinctly delivers ten Big AHA (awareness, humility, and action) ideas focused on helping business leaders and organizations navigate tomorrow’s uncharted and unpredictable waters. Uldrich’s unrivaled, fast-paced manifesto not only explains why “business as unusual” will be the new normal but also unpacks a series of uncommon and unorthodox actions designed to help you create and unleash a future of unparalleled success.

Business as Unusual reveals that the future is the one thing that everyone can change. To find success in business, you must believe the unbelievable, think about the unthinkable, listen to the unconventional, and question the unquestionable.

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You tell your child to study hard, get into a good college, start on a good career track. Why? So your child can retire in comfort. But, what if there’s a way to jumpstart your child’s retirement before your teen graduates from high school? The Parent’s Guide to Turning Your Teen Into a Millionaire describes precisely how to do this. And it’s incredibly easy.

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Trampled by Unicorns: Big Tech's Empathy Problem and How to Fix It explores how technology has progressed humanity's most noble pursuits, while also grappling with the origins of the industry's destructive empathy deficit and the practical measures Big Tech can take to self-regulate and make it right again.

Offering an account of the world of tech startups, from Amazon, Google, and Facebook to Twitter, Airbnb, and Uber, this book argues that the causes and consequences of Big Tech's failures originate from four main sources: the Valley's cultural insularity, the hyper-growth business model, the sector's stunning lack of diversity, and a dangerous self-sustaining ecosystem.

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With Cutler Dawson at the helm for the last 14 years, Navy Federal Credit Union, the world's largest credit union, has quadrupled the size of the organization and made it an industry leader in customer service. It's now one of the most fiercely trusted and smoothly run financial institutions in the world, ranked by Fortune magazine as a Best Place to Work for eight years.

From the Sea to the C-Suite reveals an honest and straightforward look at Dawson's leadership philosophy and guiding principles, offering tangible and practical insights for readers who want to learn how to chart a similar course of success ----- one of exponential growth without compromising a company's bedrock principles.

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Whether you want to start up a part-time home-based business, jump in full-time, or just work from home, you need a start-up guide. A road map! Home Business Magazine's Home-Based Business Start-Up Guide will help you chart your course to work-from-home success.

Written by industry expert Barbara Weltman, our Start-Up Guide is broken up into easily digestible chapters that cover the key areas of a new business launch. We outline 10 fundamental steps to succeed in running a home business and hits key bases you need to cover. Full of the latest and most esteemed website links and resources, the guide also includes resources to help you adapt to the new business environment after the pandemic.

With easy-to-follow checklists at the end of each chapter, we help you save the most valuable commodity you have as an entrepreneur: Time!

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This isn't a how-to business book, but it is a book every business person should read.Sitting here on our 21st century perch, where we've compounded Moore's Law into talking paint, you and I can be forgiven for thinking we're pretty smart. But we're approaching an intersection that will challenge us as never before.

Humans have always been, and will always be, physical, analog beings. Fortunately, for 10,000 years we've advanced in a compatible, analog world, including assembling a thick catalog of ethical standards. But for the first time in history, contemporary humans are being called upon to reconcile our analog nature including ethics against forces of the world that are increasingly powered by digital leverage.

This is a book of stories, with characters who will be our ethical proxies as we make the passage from our analog past to a once-and-future digital reality.

The setting of each episode deals with challenges that illuminate the relationship between the ethics of that period and humanity's two, eternally primal elements: Fear and Greed. And as we race, hell-bent-for-light-speed into the ever-more-digital 21st Century, there's the rub.

As our fellow travelers approach and enter that intersection where the analog ethics that got us here are being increasingly challenged the digital universe will rudely, and without any due respect, demand answers to such questions as:

What ethical force will humans use to govern digital Fear and Greed?

What will digital Trust look like?

Finding and becoming devoted to these answers is our ultimate quest to discover The 3rd Ingredient.

Throughout the book, standing in judgment of each ethical player, guided only by your own values and devotion to the unenforceable, beware, lest the glass in the window you're looking through turns into a mirror.

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You've invested considerable time, energy, and money into your business and made many sacrifices to achieve the success you have today. You deserve to get the best return on this investment you can: Financial Independence. You achieve Financial Independence by building a great company that is more profitable, easier to run and is well-positioned to maximize the sale price when you choose to sell. This book is the essential roadmap to guide your journey to Financial Independence.

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Research shows that 70 percent of organizational and cultural changes fail to achieve their desired outcomes. Why does this happen and what can you do about it? For almost two decades, Steven Gaffney has worked with clients on numerous change initiatives, both small and large, including mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations. Through this work, it became apparent that changes usually fail due to the execution rather than design of the change. There is simply a foundational gap in resources and knowledge about how to generate and maintain the motivation, momentum, and morale surrounding the initiative. When it comes to change, there are numerous books and other materials out there. There are books on managing change, dealing with change, organizational changes, and so forth, but there is little about how to maintain momentum once a change is launched. This is the only book dedicated to keeping up the momentum of a change. In Be a Change Champion, you will learn how to: Eliminate the wasteful detours that derail change initiatives Tackle Change Blockers and resolve hidden resistance Prevent the "perfectionitis" that is slowing down your initiative's progress Gain buy-in from your team so that they are fully engaged Move forward with speed, accuracy, and efficiency to achieve top performance Whether you're leading, participating in, or observing a change, big or small, in this book you will find specific strategies, techniques, and tools to boost motivation and momentum and ultimately achieve success.

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The odds of getting hit by a bus are 495,000 to 1. But the odds that you’re going to die some day? Exactly. Even the most disorganized among us can take control of our on- and off-line details so our loved ones won’t have to scramble later.

The experts at Everplans, a leading company in digital life planning, make it possible in this essential and easy-to-follow book. Breaking the task down into three levels, from the most urgent (like granting access to passwords), to the technical (creating a manual for the systems in your home), to the nostalgic (assembling a living memory), this clear, step-by-step program removes the anxiety and stress from getting your life in order.

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Sorting out our lives amidst chaos, confusion, and innumerable options is a process we all have in common. The decisions we ultimately make can affect our lives and the lives of others. It’s not always easy. In this empowering guide, an expert in business strategies shares the choices of notable, visionary decision-makers – from Harry Truman and Henry Ford to Marie Curie and Malala Yousafzai – and explains how you can apply their principles to your own personal and professional real-life.

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Beverly Inman-Ebel spent her career with Fortune 500 companies, helping them to build community within their teams. She was inspired to write this book when she realized that our country has become the Un-United States of America. We can all become better people when we are aware, listen first, and speak with care to build relationships with people who are different from us.

While most of us learned about the Bill of Rights in school, it's equally important to consider our responsibilities as citizens. If you love America and hate the division among us, open this book and begin the journey to healing.

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Many people reach success by deliberately being their own worst critic and obsessively double-checking their work; or by pushing their feelings aside. And the higher up the ladder they climb, the more complex projects and issues in their life become.

Our “somewhat OCD” tendencies can become mismanaged and lead us down a rabbit hole of excessive self-criticism and anxiety. In Nervous Energy, Dr. Chloe Carmichael outlines nine tools with step-by-step instructions that can help you harness this energy and live a more productive and fulfilling life.

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Many business owners just worry about profits and ignore business wealth building, but a business needs both. Without building wealth, the business can still go bankrupt. Profit or Wealth? gives business owners clear and simple rules to build business wealth, which can translate to personal wealth.

Profit or Wealth? takes a unique perspective on what really matters in financial statements. Percentages don’t matter. Dollars do.

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How can Alka Seltzer, an army general, and kids with braces help you prospect, market, connect & close the sale to improve your bottom line? In this collection of stories and lessons, Wes Schaeffer reaches out to his audience with poignant and relevant examples to engage you in conversation with yourself. His easy-mannered dialogue engages the senses, while speaking directly to the challenges entrepreneurs face day in and day out. Much like the cookie-cutter shark, Wes takes concise, targeted bites out of a seemingly large predator—making sales in today’s distracted, over-communicated world.

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The over 30 million small businesses in America are the essential backbone of the American marketplace. J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2022: Your Complete Guide to a Better Bottom Line helps owners save as much as possible on taxes. If you own a small business, this comprehensive guide provides a pathway to quickly determine your tax liability and what kind of tax relief is available to you, down to the nitty gritty―even going so far as to show where to claim deductions on the IRS forms.

Barbara Weltman brings her expertise to this topic, as a nationally recognized specialist in taxation for small businesses. Filled with tax facts and planning strategies, Small Business Taxes 2022 uses concise and plain English to help provide small business owners and their advisers a detailed overview on the tax rules they need to know.

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In this era of extreme political polarization, it’s tempting to believe nothing can be done to heal a nation that is so divided and led by dysfunctional politicians.

The solution offered by Resolved is for schools across the country to focus on developing in students the skills of successful debaters – listening and persuading, through civil discourse backed by fact-based evidence and reason. Author Robert Litan explains how this one simple educational reform can help address the nation’s political divide and at the same time help ensure that today’s young people will actually enjoy learning, and have the necessary skills to lead productive and economically rewarding lives.

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Financial statements aren't just for filing business taxes. You can use them to make better decisions and more money. Unleash the power of decisions backed by good bookkeeping and a strong financial strategy.

The Profit Problem teaches you to be fluent in financial statements and it does it without using numbers or math. This easy-to-understand book is packed with examples that show how to use bookkeeping and financial statements to make profitable business decisions. Start reading, start making better decisions, and start making more money.

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Creating a thriving organization where employees feel valued, the environment is energized, and high productivity and innovation are the norm requires a new kind of leader who fosters a culture of connection within the organization. Connection Culture, 2nd Edition, is your game-changing opportunity to become that leader and to begin fostering a connection culture in your organization.

Published in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, the book provides updated, research-supported theories about the relationship of stress and loneliness, and includes new examples and profiles of great leaders communicating during crisis.

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AI and people do not compete on a level-playing field. Self-driving vehicles may be safer than human drivers, but laws often penalize such technology. People may provide superior customer service, but businesses are automating to reduce their taxes. AI may innovate more effectively, but an antiquated legal framework constrains inventive AI.

In The Reasonable Robot, Ryan Abbott argues that the law should not discriminate between AI and human behavior and proposes a new legal principle that will ultimately improve human well-being. This work should be read by anyone interested in the rapidly evolving relationship between AI and the law.

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In March of 2020, the coronavirus quickly became a major news item as political panic about it traveled around the world. Even though evidence from the virus’s epicenter indicated very low lethality, politicians quickly imposed economy-crushing lockdowns on the rather specious assumption that unemployment, bankruptcy, and starvation would somehow halt the virus’s spread.

In When Politicians Panicked, JohnTamny dismantles the political consensus by showing how economic growth has long been the first and last answer to death and disease, and how politicians, having mindlessly crushed a growing economy, proceeded to double down on their mistakes by throwing taxpayer money at their shocking errors.

Lockdowns suffocate economic progress, but they also blind us to how we can progress—as Tamny makes plain in what will go down as an essential history for anyone seeking to understand the coronavirus panic of 2020.

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From the Foreword: Every once in a while, you run across an opportunity to listen to a marketplace veteran who's taken the time and effort to compile and share autobiographical stories about experiences and lessons learned – memories – from a long and successful business career. When you make that acquaintance, listen to those stories. This is such an opportunity.

Embrace the Price of Success, Because the Price of Failure Is Too High is a collection of stories and lessons arising from memories this marketplace veteran, Jay Mincks, acquired over decades of serving and servant leadership.

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With cyberattacks resulting in often devastating results, it's no wonder executives hire the best and brightest of the IT world for protection. But are you doing enough? What if the brightest aren't always the best choice for your company?

In The Smartest Person in the Room, Christian Espinosa shows you how to leverage your company's smartest minds to your benefit and theirs. With his seven-step methodology and stories from the field, Christian helps you develop your team's technical minds so they become better humans and strong leaders who excel in every role.

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Few crises in modern history have so completely disrupted every aspect of daily life as has the Covid-19 pandemic. Every market, industry, vertical, profession, service, and category of product was in some way rocked by its impact, and the global retail industry ground to a virtual halt.

Resurrecting Retail provides a comprehensive and surprising vision of how Covid-19 will reshape every aspect of consumer life, including the very essence of why we shop.

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J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2021 offers simple, step-by-step tips on the tax relief available to individual taxpayers just like you. You’ll discover how to take advantage – legally – of every available tax deduction and credit out there. Attorney, expert, and author Barbara Weltman walks you through every single credit and deduction available to you and shows you which forms you need to fill out to claim them.

Whether you're filling out your first tax return ever or your fifty-first, J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2021 will show you easy ways to increase your tax refund and decrease your tax payable on your 2020 return and plan for additional tax savings in 2021.

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Zombie apocalypses, Ebola virus, Sars, AIDS, global warming, earthquakes, you name it, seem to scare the hell out of people. The media takes hold of these stories and then the Internet does the rest to spread information like wildfire...a 'virus' gets started, with people living in fear because they believe the end of the world is coming. Could the world really end because of one of these catastrophes or pandemics?

What about an 'Internet Apocalypse'? Could people survive without Internet and texting? How many people would go insane, turn to drinking/drugging, or become violent without texting or social media? Would this be like a technological ice age? This is the only life the Y generation has ever known.

The Internet Apocolypse is a fun book which explores what the world would be like without Internet technology should the earth get attacked with solar flares or meteors. It is a survival guide of sorts pointing out that we wouldn't be that worse off, possibly better especially when you consider online addictions to pornography, infidelity, social media bullying, gambling, poor communication skills, excessive spending, etc.

Do you have what it takes to survive? The threat of an Internet apocalypse is more real than you think!

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This is a work of fiction-based on fact! It is a wakeup call. The events, the stories and human drama depicted in these pages may not happen in 2020, but they will happen in our lifetime if we continue on our current course. The world is moving toward an era where we will have lost control of our future. Environmental, political, economic and social upheavals are drawing together to form a synergy of challenges that seem impossible to resolve. Using an innovative multimedia format, this book explains that even though we know the problems and solutions, we face a lack of wise, ethical, experienced, courageous and compassionate leadership able to confront what we must collectively deal with on this planet. Indeed, the future is not up to our established institutions, it's up to YOU! Don't just read this book- change the world!

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In this thought-provoking and entertaining book, Tom Asacker, author of Sandbox Wisdom and A Clear Eye for Branding, pulls back the curtain on the workings of the mind and reveals the hidden logic to motivating behavior, both in ourselves and in others.

Whether you are launching a new brand or marketing campaign, selling products and services, coaching individuals or leading a team, this book will shatter your assumptions about leadership and the art of influence, and give you the invaluable insights required to understand and move others.

The Business of Belief is Tom Asacker’s most compelling—and important—book yet. It will fundamentally change the way you think about your work and your life. Use it as your companion and as a guide in this fast-paced world overwhelmed by complexity and choice.

The next big idea in business is BELIEF.

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Taxes remain one of the biggest headaches and costs for small businesses around the United States. J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2021 delivers an approachable but expert guide in legally limiting your tax liabilities while maximizing your deductions and credits. You'll be in great hands as Barbara Weltman – attorney, expert, and author – shows you what tax relief is available to you and how to claim it.

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History has depicted George Washington as a gifted general and political pragmatist, not an intellectual heavyweight. His library was filled with books on agriculture, chemistry, and engineering. He was the first to breed horses with donkeys to produce the American mule. Unlike his Virginia neighbors who remained wedded to tobacco, Washington planted seven types of wheat. His state-of-the-art mill produced flour which he exported to Europe in sacks stamped GW Flour – one of the very first branded food products. Mount Vernon was also home to a distillery and became one of the largest American whiskey distributors of the era.

In George Washington, Entrepreneur, Berlau's portrait of Washington, drawn in large part from his journals and extensive correspondence, presents a side of him we haven't seen before. It is sure to delight readers of presidential biography and business history.

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Thanks to crisis-era changes to its operating procedures, the Fed now enjoys practically unlimited powers of quantitative easing (QE): it can buy as many assets as it likes while still controlling inflation. So far, QE has been a weapon for combating recession. But if certain politicians have their way, the Fed may be forced to use it not for macroeconomic purposes but to finance backdoor spending. That’s The Menace of Fiscal QE.

In his brief study, George Selgin reviews the movement favoring fiscal QE, shows how it threatens both the Fed’s independence and democratic control of government spending, and counters claims that it offers a low-cost means for financing such spending.

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The surprise election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States evoked passionate reaction across the American political spectrum. His supporters adored him, while the expressions of hatred of many of his opponents defied the norms of civil debate. One community, the Jews – on both sides of the ocean – has been on the front lines of the continuing Trump debate that has gripped the nation.

Trump and the Jews explains the complicated nature of the small, but highly influential American Jewish community, its natural, yet uneasy relationship with the State of Israel, and the role of religious Jews (as well as Christians) in passionate support of Trump, and of Israel. It also explores the sharp American political divide, in which the role of American Jews is clearly evolving in ways that will surprise many objective observers.

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What is the secret to success? Why do some people find it and others search around in vain? While he has no magic bullet, Ron Zayas was fortunate enough to have an involved father who has provided a varied and rewarding set of advice throughout his life on everything from overcoming cliques at work, to being an ethical business leader, to negotiating deals that last, to spotting liars and disarming them.

Using his years as a CEO, entrepreneur, and C-level officer at a large, global company, Ron wraps sage advice from his Cuban father in short, funny stories that anyone can relate to. Lessons from the Len Master is an entertaining and concise manual perfect for anyone looking to reach goals or simply get more out of life.

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The political landscape has never been so tumultuous: issues with the electoral college, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and a lack of representation in the polls and in our leadership have led to Americans of all ages asking, How did we get here?

Rather than pointing fingers at people and political parties, You Call This Democracy? looks at flaws in the system and offers a real way out of the mess we're in. Each chapter breaks down a different problem plaguing American democracy, exploring how it’s undemocratic, offering possible solutions (with examples of real-life teens who have already started working toward them), and suggesting ways to effect change – starting now.

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What makes a country fall to a dictator? How do authoritarian leaders – strongmen – capable of killing millions acquire their power? How are they able to defeat the ideal of democracy? And what can we do to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

By profiling some of the most notoriously ruthless dictators in history, Kenneth C. Davis seeks to answer these questions.
Meticulously researched, Strongman provides insight into the lives of five leaders who callously transformed the world and serves as an invaluable resource in an era when democracy itself seems in peril.

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Frank and opinionated, Bob Bly dispenses advice, wisdom, and strategies on having a successful business and a happy life on a weekly basis. In this book are over 100 of his most popular columns, including: how to differentiate yourself from the competition; 10 ways to add urgency to your ads; a little-known copywriting technique for making clients happy; the power of contrarian copy; and 9 ways to become a financially secure freelancer.

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In Promised Land, David Stebenne examines the extraordinary revival of the middle class in mid-twentieth century America and how it drastically changed the country. Beginning with the New Deal and WWII, the American middle class expanded so that by the 1960s, it was a powerful political constituency. But the disruptive events of 1968 ended this headlong expansion and, along with shifts in policy and economic stagnation, started shrinking the middle class and challenging its values, trends that continue to the present day. Now, as the so-called “end of the middle class” dominates the news cycle this history of a social revolution that produced a new and influential way of life reveals the story of how it was achieved and the costs incurred along the way. In the form of a revealing history, Promised Land shines more than a little light on our possible future.

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Technical debt historically accrues when long-term scalability and performance is sacrificed for a short-term goal, such as speed to launch. Tech Debt 2.0: How to Future Proof Your Small Business and Improve Your Tech Bottom Line helps small businesses understand and manage their technical debt. Author Michael Fillios downloads his more than 25 years of business, finance and IT leadership experience into invaluable insights and "key tech-aways," that will help you start creating tech equity for your business to survive and thrive in the new tech landscape.

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In this book, Louie Gravance uses his signature combination of humor and personal experience to narrate his journey through the realm of customer service. Part memoir, part self-help manual for businesses big and small, Gravance interweaves his tales of life at Disney theme parks with practical guidance gleaned during the course of a thirty-year career in the service and entertainment industries.

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Are you struggling to keep up with the breakneck speed of modern business? Travelocity founder, founding chairman of Kayak.com, and VP of American Airlines, Terry Jones has battled the frontlines of business disruption. And now he’s here to share his hard-won wisdom and insider tips to give you an edge in an increasingly volatile market.

In today’s aggressive, hyper-connected economy, a growing number of startups are transforming the way we do business. Disruption OFF is your all-in-one playbook for understanding the latest technological breakthroughs and industry innovations shaping your future.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele document the specific acts of Congresses and presidents that have caused soaring economic inequality and enable corporations to pay low wages, owe no taxes and raid the retirement plans of their employees.

Updated for 2020, this book is an expanded edition of the original bestseller, America: What Went Wrong?, which caused a sensation when it exposed the causes of the middle-class crisis. This new edition reveals how new policies are launching a fresh assault on the average American.

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides unprecedented opportunities to keep even more of what you earn – if you’re up to speed on what the new law means and how to navigate it.

Small Business Taxes Made Easy has been fully updated to provide the knowledge, insights, and tools your business need to get ahead of the curve this tax season.

Whatever kind of business you run, Small Business Taxes Made Easy will help you stay in compliance while taking full advantage of all possible deductions, profit opportunities, and more.

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As soon as the COVID-19 global pandemic hit North America, Licensed Financial Advisor Christine Ibbotson, the syndicated columnist of "Ask the Money Lady," started receiving hundreds of emails from concerned citizens.

Ibbotson has worked quickly and diligently in the face of this global financial crisis to provide readers with thoughtful responses to, and practical advice for, their most pressing concerns. Topics include what help banks and governments can offer during the pandemic, what we can learn from past financial crises, how to financially secure your future, and how to create a financial plan and move your finances in a different direction, ultimately leading to a safe and secure ----- and maybe even early ----- retirement.

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While creating wealth is a wonderful achievement, business families are also concerned with how their wealth is used to support their values, the lives of their children, and the well-being of the community. Over several generations, families who are successful in growing their wealth have been able to reinvent themselves and their business in the face of significant environmental transformations and internal differences cause by family dynamics. Borrowed from Your Grandchildren is a fascinating look at how large, long-lasting business families succeed across generations.

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The Essential Roadmap sheds light on the paths to maintain a healthy enterprising family. It focuses on maintaining strong, resilient relationships and the development of behaviors that will provide the framework for the future; suggests ways to handle the inherent challenges and conflicts that arise along the way; and provides many rich examples of families who develop behaviors and structures in each of the dimensions to flourish and grow for generations to come.

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This eye-opening book reveals why your life in retirement will likely last longer than you think it will, cost far more than you've planned for, and why you need to take a different approach to avoid outliving your money.

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The Content Marketing Handbook helps entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners understand the true role of content within integrated, multichannel, marketing campaigns, avoid wasting time and money by giving away content with no ROI, and instead skillfully create content that builds trust, stimulate interest, and ultimately get more orders for what they are selling.

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Evergreen Talent will show you how to attract, find, and keep employees for the long-term. What many organization leaders fail to understand is that you can't simply transplant a competitor's talent strategy and achieve the same results ----- just as you can't take plants suited to a warm climate and expect them to thrive in chillier locales. The conditions are too different. But a company that takes the time to examine its own environment, select talent accordingly, and nurture its people will stand tall, regardless of economic conditions.

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As blockchain becomes more widely adopted, it has the potential to radically change the way companies and societies operate, as transformative a paradigm shift as the launch of the internet. Timely, visionary, and accessible, The Real Business of Blockchain cuts through the hype and helps you unlock the vast capabilities of this powerful and potentially world-changing technology.

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Want to avoid business disasters, whether minor mishaps, such as excessive team conflict, or major calamities like those that threaten bankruptcy or doom a promising career? Drawing on over 20 years of extensive consulting, coaching, and speaking experience, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, the leading expert on avoiding business disasters, will show how pioneering leaders and organizations ----- many of them his clients ----- avoid business disasters and how to apply the same techniques in your company.

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J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2020 is the complete and thorough guide to reducing your tax burden. By listing every possible deduction and credit available to individual taxpayers, this book can help you achieve substantial savings on your 2019 tax return. Updated and expanded to cover new and changing tax law, this edition also includes an e-supplement covering the latest developments from Congress and the IRS to keep you fully up-to-date. Stop overpaying and gain peace of mind as you find the answers you need for your specific tax situation. Mine your paperwork for write-off opportunities, and claim your tax breaks correctly; easy-to-follow instructions give you clear guidance through the maze of worksheets to help you reclaim what is legally yours.

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Being a woman in the workplace can be a tough thing to navigate and have you second-guessing yourself and the decisions you make. Dr. Lois Frankel guides you through how to be an effective communicator and how this can help you at the office. Whether you want to learn just the basics, how to advocate for yourself, or how to navigate sticky situations, this book will give you the tips and tricks needed to be a more impactful communicator at your job and help you advance your career.

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Achieving Performance Results - Boosting Performance in the Virtual Workplace is a handy reference guide on the performance management process. This publication has been developed to guide the Team Leader or Supervisor to improve performance results and to better correlate those results to rewards for virtual and on-site employees. It provides useful tips, ideas, and checklists to motivate team members, boost performance, address performance problems, assure meaningful performance discussions, avoid legal pitfalls and to better correlate rewards with performance. Get one for all of your firm's team leaders and supervisory personnel.

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When Teru Clavel had young children, the oldest barely two, she watched as her friends and fellow parents vied to secure a spot in the right New York City preschools. Following a gut feeling that a truly world-class education involves more than the privilege and ennui of elite private schools, Teru and her family moved to Asia, embarking on a ten-year-long journey through the public schools of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

During this time, Teru discovered firsthand why students in China and Japan are far outpacing their American counterparts. In Hong Kong, her children’s school was nicknamed The Prison for its foreboding, austere facilities, yet her three-year-old loved his teachers and his nightly homework. In Shanghai, in a school without flush toilets, the students were kept late not out of punishment but to master the day’s lesson. In Tokyo, her children and their classmates were responsible for school chores, like preparing and serving school lunches—lunches that featured grilled fish, stewed vegetables, and miso soup, not hot dogs and french fries.

These schools were low-tech and bare-bones, with teachers who demanded obedience and order. Yet Teru was shocked to discover that her children thrived in these foreign and academically competitive cultures; they learned to be independent, self-confident, and resilient, and, above all, they developed a deep and abiding love of learning. The true culture shock came when Teru returned to the States and found their top-rated California school woefully ill-prepared to challenge her children. Her kids were passing, but the schools were failing them.

In this revelatory book, Teru shares what she learned during her decade in Asia, providing practical tips and takeaways to bring the best of Asia’s education and parenting philosophies into American homes and schools. Written with warmth and humor, World Class is an insightful guide to set your children on a path towards lifelong learning and success.

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The Celebrity CEO is the complete guide to creating a strong personal brand. By developing your personal brand, you will set your business apart from your competitors and become known as the expert in your industry.

Written for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to make a massive impact and build a loyal fan base, The Celebrity CEO is the source for celebrity status in business. Learn from the founder of Smart Hustle Media, Ramon Ray, the mind-set of a celebrity CEO and the tools to cultivate your tribe.

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It's common knowledge that marketing is nothing but advertising, and if your business comes through word of mouth then you don't need marketing anyway. Besides, everyone knows that social media is the best form of free marketing there is ... don't they?

The world of marketing is abound with a staggering number of misconceptions, fallacies and falsehoods. In Myths of Marketing, recognized industry expert Grant Leboff takes you on a fascinating and entertaining journey through some of the most deeply entrenched stereotypes that exist in the industry, from the idea that sales and marketing are basically the same and that getting people's attention costs a lot of money, to the notion that demography is the best way to segment your market and 'content is king'.

Using a combination of academic research, amusing examples and industry case studies, Myths of Marketing debunks many of the most pervasive myths and assumptions, leaving readers with a clearer, more perceptive understanding of marketing as a whole, to improve their own practice and marketing strategy.

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Being a great leader means getting the fundamentals right. It also means consistently doing the "little things" that make a positive difference in the lives of employees, customers, and other stakeholders.The Busy Leader's Handbook: How to Lead People and Places That Thrive is a practical, easy-to-use book filled with gentle reminders of what we should be doing every day ----- especially when work is at its most intense.

Packed with proven best practices, tools, tips, and tactics for engaging employees, revitalizing cultures, delighting customers, and building high-performance companies, each chapter is "stand-alone," and the strategies, approaches, and tactics are designed to be put into action immediately.

Whether you work for a start-up, a small or mid-size business, or a large corporation, this book will change how you think, inspire you to do your job better ----- and help your organization thrive.

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In Inside Trump's White House, Doug Wead offers a sweeping, eloquent history of President Donald J. Trump's first years in office. The book includes never-before-reported stories and scoops, including how President Trump turned around the American economy, how he "never complains and never explains," and how his actions sometimes lead to misunderstandings with the media and the public. It also includes exclusive interviews with the Trump family about the Mueller report, and narrates their reactions when the report was finally released.

Inside Trump's White House contains interviews with the President, Mick Mulvaney, Jared and Ivanka Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr., Eric and Lara Trump, and other White House insiders.

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Learn how to turn $10,000 into $350,000 ... how to make sure you never get Alzheimer's ... how to get free eye exams and even free treatments ... the little-known Social Security benefit you're entitled to ... slash your heart attack risk by 34% ... and so much more! Over 2,00 insider secrets!

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In this groundbreaking work, Hilarie Gamm connects the dots between seemingly disparate events and facts, and outlines with stunning clarity the perfect storm that created a massive exodus of tech industry jobs from the U.S. Extensively researched and firmly apolitical, Billions Lost explains how the offshoring of millions of U.S. technology jobs opened a gateway that places our economy, our national security, and our educational systems at risk.

Gamm succinctly explains the factors that snowballed into today's crisis, and identifies the ramifications of outsourcing on our country and its profound impact on America's middle class. Gamm closes with her Road Map to Change: 20 actions that can reverse the trend, improve education, save the middle class, and return growth, security, and prosperity to America.

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In Free Trade Rocks!, Ray Keating, chief economist for the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council and adjuct professor in the MBA program at Dowling College, explores and explains 10 key areas that everyone needs to understand about how trade works and how free trade generates benefits for people around the world and across income levels.

Keating explains that free trade is simply about expanding the freedom to trade by reducing or eliminating governmental costs and restrictions. As for the best agenda on trade, Keating declares, "Kill tariffs, eliminate quotas, and reduce government rules and regulations that burden consumers, entrepreneurs, businesses and workers, and discover, once again, how much free trade rocks!"

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J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2020 is the small business owner's ultimate guide to a money-saving, stress-free tax season. Providing straightforward advice from the nation's most trusted tax expert on small business taxes, this book gives you the answers you need quickly, with clear, concise guidance. Updated to cover changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and other legislation, this edition also includes an e-supplement covering additional developments from Congress and the IRS to keep you fully up-to-date.

A complete listing of all available business deductions and credits helps you identify those you qualify for, and includes critical information on dollar limits, recordkeeping requirements, and how to actually take the write-off ----- all the way down to the IRS form to use. Organizational and planning strategies help you get through the process quickly and with fewer headaches, and this year's changes to the tax laws are explained in terms of how they affect your filing. J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2020 helps you take wise actions during the year and tells you how to file completely and accurately while maximizing your bottom line.

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We live in a world increasingly ruled by technology; we seem as governed by technology as we do by laws and regulations. Frighteningly often, the influence of technology in and on our lives goes completely unchallenged by citizens and governments. We comfort ourselves with the soothing refrain that technology has no morals and can display no prejudice, and it's only the users of technology who distort certain aspects of it.

But is this statement actually true? Dr. Robert Smith thinks it's dangerously untrue in the modern era.

This book demonstrates how non-scientific ideas have been encoded deep into our technological infrastructure. Offering a rigorous, fresh perspective on how technology has brought us to this place, Rage Inside the Machine challenges the long-held assumption that technology is an apolitical and amoral force.

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The world of marketing is undergoing major change. Sophisticated algorithms can test billions of marketing messages and measure results, and shift the weight of campaigns ----- all in real time. What's next? A complete transformation of marketing as we know it, where machines themselves design and implement customized advertising tactics at virtually every point of digital contact.

The Invisible Brand provides an in-depth exploration of the risks and rewards of this epochal shift ----- while delivering the information and insight you need to stay ahead of the game.

Renowned technologist William Ammerman draws from his decades of experience at the forefront of digital marketing to provide a roadmap to our data-driven future.

You'll learn how data and AI will forge a new level of persuasiveness and influence for reshaping consumers' buying decisions. You'll understand the technology behind these changes and see how it is already at work in digital assistants, recommendation engines and digital advertising. And you'll find unmatched insight into how to harness the power of artificial intelligence for maximum results.

As we enter the age of mass customization of messaging, power and influence will go to those who know the consumer best. Whether you are a marketing executive or concerned citizen, The Invisible Brand provides everything you need to understand how brands are harnessing the extraordinary amounts of data at their disposal ----- and capitalizing on it with AI.

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Life improves under the economic system often called "entrepreneurial capitalism" or "creative destruction," but more accurately called "innovative dynamism." Openness to Creative Destruction: Sustaining Innovative Dynamism shows how innovation occurs through the efforts of inventors and innovative entrepreneurs, how workers on balance benefit, and how good policies can encourage innovation.

In this book, author Arthur M. Diamond, Jr. shows how economies grow where innovative dynamism through leapfrog competition flourishes, as in the United States from roughly 1830-1930. Consumers vote with their feet for innovative new goods and for process innovations that reduce prices, benefiting ordinary citizens more than the privileged elites. Diamond highlights that because breakthrough inventions are costly and difficult, patents can be fair rewards for invention and can provide funding to enable future inventions. He argues that some fears about adverse effects on labor market are unjustified, since more and better new jobs are created than are destroyed, and that other fears can be mitigated by better policies. The steady growth in regulations, often defended on the basis of the precautionary principle, increases the costs to potential entrepreneurs and thus reduces innovation.

The "Great Fact" of economic history is that after at least 40,000 years of mostly "poor, nasty, brutish, and short" humans in the last 250 years have started to live substantially longer and better lives. Diamond increases understanding of why.

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Harry S. Dent Jr., bestselling author of The Demographic Cliff and The Sale of a Lifetime, predicted the populist wave that has driven the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump, and other recent shocks around the world. Now he returns with the definitive guide to protect your investments and prosper in the age of the anti-globalist backlash.

The turn of the 2020s will mark an extremely rare convergence of low points for multiple political, economic, and demographic cycles. The result will be a major financial crash and global upheaval that will dwarf the Great Recession of the 2000s - and maybe even the Great Depression of the 1930s. We're facing the onset of what Dent calls "Economic Winter."

In Zero Hour, he and Andrew Pancholi (author of The Market Timing Report newsletter) explain all of these cycles, which influence everything from currency valuations to election returns, from economic growth rates in Asia to birthrates in Europe. You'll learn, for instance:

• Why the most-hyped technologies of recent years (self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain) won't pay off until the 2030s.

• Why China may be the biggest bubble in the global economy (and you'd be a fool to invest there).

• Why you should invest in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and pull out of real estate and automotive.

• Why putting your faith in gold is a bad idea.
Fortunately, Zero Hour includes a range of practical strategies to help you turn the upheaval ahead to your advantage, so your family can be prepared and protected.

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Why is paying for things painful? Why are we comfortable overpaying for something in the present just because we've overpaid for it in the past? Why is it easy to pay $4 for a soda on vacation, when we wouldn't spend more than $1 on that same soda at our local grocery store?

We think of money as numbers, values, and amounts, but when it comes down to it, when we actually use our money, we engage our hearts more than our heads. Emotions play a powerful role in shaping our financial behavior, often making us our own worst enemies as we try to save, access value, and spend responsibly. In Dollars and Sense, bestselling author and behavioral economist Dan Ariely teams up with financial comedian and writer Jeff Kreisler to challenge many of our most basic assumptions about the precarious relationship between our brains and our money. In doing so, they undermine many of personal finance's most sacred beliefs and explain how we can override some of our own instincts to make better financial choices.

Exploring a wide range of everyday topics, the authors demonstrate how our misplaced confidence in our spending habits frequently leads us astray, costing us more than we realize, whether it's the real value of the time we spend driving forty-five minutes to save $10 or our inability to properly assess what the things we buy are actually worth. Mixing case studies and anecdotes with concrete advice and lessons, they cut through the unconscious fears and desires driving our worst financial instincts and teach us how to improve our money habits.

Fascinating, engaging, funny, and essential, Dollars and Sense provides the practical tools we need to understand and improve our financial choices, save and spend smarter, and ultimately live better.

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Robert W. Bly is a self-made multi-millionaire and brings in six figures of sales annually from marketing and selling his own products, not to mention more than half a million from his freelance writing. He's been a professional copywriter for nearly forty years and has been named America's best copywriter. And now he's sharing his secrets.

The Big Book of Words that Sell contains the 1200 words and phrases that have proven to sell most effectively for Bob, and the best situations to employ that language in. Use them to:

• Sell any product or service.
• Get connections, followers, and friends on social media.
• Write social media posts and ads that generate more clicks and conversions.
• Optimize web pages for Google and other search engines.
• Write e-mails that get higher open and click-through rates.
• Become a more powerful and persuasive copywriter.
• Increase web site traffic and conversion.
• Generate better return from your Call to Actions (CTA).

The Big Book of Words that Sell is your guide to the world's most persuasive words and phrases ----- and how to leverage them to sell your product.

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The luxury market is facing disruption.

Four key factors are in play:
• Increasing global economic and political turbulence
• Rise of wealth class causing pushback from those in the "under class"
• Industry's need to adapt to the human side of digital disruption
• Emergence of a young digitally-powered consumer with new ideas of what luxury is and what it means in their lifestyle.

Luxury brands face a complicated balancing act in 2020 and beyond as they are forced to navigate macro trends. It will require luxury brands to more effectively communicate their brands' value proposition. That takes marketing. And that too has been disrupted.

Marketing got disrupted officially back in 2013, when the American Marketing Association changed the definition of marketing. It went from the old 4Ps definition which most of us practicing marketers were drilled in: Product, Price, Promotion, Placement, to a new one based on the idea of value expressed by the new 4Es, where Experience replaces Product; Exchange is the new Price; Evangelism becomes the new Promotion and Everyplace evolves from Placement.

This 70-page book explains how luxury brands must evolve their marketing messages to the new 4Es model of marketing and presents case studies of brands that have made the shift.

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In Symptomatic to Systemic, Steven Ricchiuto examines an exhaustive data set of analytics around each postwar business cycle. He identifies the underlying causes precipitating downturns in the economy and finds that financial dislocations and debacles have undergone a distressing evolution. They are no longer the result of a classic economic contraction, but seemingly systemic causes that operate independently of traditional predictors of recessions.

Ricchiuto's book helps readers recognize the factors that are driving key markets and interpret the new indicators of economic health. Symptomatic to Systemic provides clues as to where the next contraction may surface so that readers won't be caught unaware.

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Do you enjoy driving and being your own boss with flexible work options? Are you looking for a part-time (or full-time) activity that earns good money? Maybe you've already discovered that there are great opportunities for making money with your car, and you're a business owner driving for Uber, Lyft, or other platform. Or, you'd like to become an Uber or Lyft driver but uncertain how to begin. This guide, The Uber and Lyft Driver's Guide to Running Your Business, is your answer!

This guide by nationally-recognized small business and tax advisors Barbara Weltman and Harvey Bezozi can be your GPS to get you where you want to go in your business, safely and securely. You'll find out how to:

* Understand Your Business Status
* Track Your Business Money
* Pay Your Taxes
* Understand Your Legal Exposure
* Write Off Your Car Expenses
* Deduct Other Business Expenses
* Claim a Qualified Business Income (QBI) Deduction
* Provide Your Own Fringe Benefits
* Handle Company Stock
* Get More Help

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Do We Have to Say It Again? Socialism Sucks!

Apparently we do. Because today millions of Americans ----- young and old ----- are flocking to the socialist banner and chanting, "What do we want? Socialism ----- the economic system that has impoverished people everywhere and resulted in the deaths of tens of millions! And when do we want it? Now!"


Most people seem somehow to have missed Economics 101 and don't understand that socialism isn't nice, cuddly government that takes care of everything for you so that you can remain an adolescent forever. No, we've seen it tried over and over again with catastrophic consequences.

Luckily, two semi-sober economists have toured the socialist world so you don't have to. And they've come back with this stunning report: Socialism Sucks!

Along the way, you'll learn:

* Why the so-called Swedish model might be attractive, but sure isn't socialism (Sweden is capitalism with a big welfare state)

* How socialist Venezuela went from being the toast of liberals everywhere ----- Viva Venezuela! ----- to being just toast

* Why you never see new cars in Cuba

* Why no one forgets to turn out the lights in North Korea (hint: there aren't any)

* Why American socialists have no idea what socialism really is

How hard it is to find good beer ----- or sometimes any beer at all ----- in socialist countries

Irreverent but honest economists Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell have all the data ----- and even more important, the firsthand global experience ----- to affirm that socialism fails to deliver on any of the utopian promises it makes and instead is very bad for your economic (and other) health. This is a book that every American who values freedom and sound economics (and good beer) needs to read.

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Emotional intelligence plays a vital role at every stage of the sales process. It's easy to get defensive when prospects challenge you on price or to quickly cave and offer discounts in response to pressure, which are examples of the fight-or-flight response ----- something salespeople learn to avoid when they build their emotional intelligence.

Sales trainer and expert Colleen Stanley cites studies that show how emotional intelligence (EI) is a strong indicator of sales success and offers tips on how you can sharpen your skills and expand your emotional toolkit.

In Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, you'll learn how to increase impulse control for better questioning and listening, how empathy leads to bigger sales conversations and more effective solutions, how emotional intelligence can improve prospecting efforts, which EI skills are most common among top sales producers, and much more. The true differentiator between you and a bot is your ability to deftly solve problems and build relationships. From business development to closing the deal, emotional intelligence will drive your performance ----- and your success.

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Should you make provocative comments on social media? Should you act in your own self-interest and ignore others? How can you develop meaningful relationships in life and the workplace? Should you or should you not? These are the questions of ethical behavior.

In Beyond Happiness and Meaning, Dr. Steven Mintz will show you how to make decisions that make life worth living. It goes beyond enhancing our own well-being to improving the lives of others.

Life is a contact sport that requires us to leave our comfort zone and engage with others, learn how to do good things, make the right choices, and follow the ethical path. At the end of the journey, you will learn how to transform your life and achieve true happiness and meaning.

Unique in its approach and rich with everyday ethical dilemmas, Mintz brings to life the process of ethical decision-making that can improve your life and the life of others and bring back civility to society.

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Ninja Future is an essential read for businesses and individuals striving to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving world: Gary Shapiro, the president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, casts his eye toward the future, charting how the innovative technologies of today will transform not only the way business is done but society itself.

During his more than three decades at the head of the Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro has witnessed and has been a part of one of the most extraordinary periods of technological change in human history. Today's world is almost unrecognizable from that of just a decade or two before: In just a few short years, the Internet has already transformed how we access information, purchase goods, get from place to place, and do our jobs. Even greater changes are on the horizon.

In Ninja Future, Shapiro explains the evolving technological landscape, breakthroughs underway now and those we can only envision. New innovations such as self-driving vehicles, blockchain, 5G, the Internet of things, and countless others will forever change the economy as we know it. Shapiro uses case studies to identify companies and countries addressing today's challenges particularly well and relates lessons from those that have stumbled. Drawing on the insights he has gleaned as a martial arts black belt, he shows how businesses can move to succeed in today's turbulent environment by adopting the mind-set of "ninjas," adapting to technological change to capitalize on opportunities at lightning speed.

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Our companies, our communities, and our planet are facing unprecedented challenges - challenges that will not be solved by a small group of people from a single entity. Today's leaders need a set of tools specifically designed to harness the power of collaborative networks.

Strategic Doing introduces you to the new disciplines of agile strategy and collaborative leadership. You'll learn how to design and guide complex collaborations by following a discipline of simple rules that you won't find anywhere else.

* Unleash the power of true collaboration
* Learn and master the 10 skills of agile leadership
* Apply individual skills to targeted situations
* Introduces a new discipline of leadership strategy

Filled with compelling case studies, Strategic Doing outlines a new discipline of leadership strategy specifically designed for open, loosely-connected networks.

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Creating solutions to solve problems can often prove very difficult to accomplish, even for seasoned Solution Designers. Complex organizational problems have several stakeholders, endless variables, and a myriad of possible solutions. It's hard enough to figure out where to start, and even harder to realize what the perfect, mutually-beneficial solution is.

With their combined tenure of over fifty years, J. Eduardo Campos and Erica W. Campos present their Solution-Designing expertise in From Problem Solving to Solution Design so that you can learn from their successes (and their failures) to craft sustainable solutions for complex problems.

Specifically, you will learn how to implement the I.D.E.A.S. framework that they have been perfecting over the years, which includes five critical checkpoints that any Solution Designer must hit to create solutions that are successfully envisioned, negotiated with stakeholders, and implemented to last over time.

Treat this book as your field guide: it offers clear checkpoints for you to assist your organization in designing effective solutions for complex problems.

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Why do people struggle with creating the changes they say they want?

With over a decade of work with thousands of clients in the fields of organizational consulting, executive coaching and psychotherapy, author Michael Diettrich-Chastain reveals the seven life dimensions that impact our ability to make professional and personal changes, as well as why we succeed at making certain changes and fail at others.

Ever wonder why things aren't going the way you planned? Have you set out to create change in your life and then been drawn back into old patterns that you tried so hard to avoid?

Stress, demands, assumptions, pressure, and expectations can often hijack our ability to create sustainable change. CHANGES is an evergreen resource that will assist busy professionals in reaching goals not yet accomplished, adapt to challenging circumstances, and reduce stress along the way. Savvy leaders will see the resources and tools in CHANGES as paramount to creating behavior change in themselves and those that they lead.

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A new world has opened to writers who wish to have their words turned into finished books. With technological advances in typesetting, printing, distribution, and sales, self-publishing has become a reality. But while converting your writing into a commercially available title may sound relatively easy ----- based upon the claims of some companies that offer this service ----- there are many important considerations you should be aware of before going to press. Publishing expert Dr. Jan Yager has created an easy-to-follow guide that will take you from a book's conception and writing to its production and sales. Whether your work is fiction or nonfiction, How to Self-Publish Your Book offers sound and proven advice at every turn, enabling you to avoid common pitfalls along the way to becoming a self-published author.

The book is divided into three parts. Part One takes you through the initial manuscript preparation, including creating a business plan for your book's eventual release. Part Two focuses on the actual production of your book ----- what you need to know about producing physical books and e-books, and how to turn your title into an audiobook. Part Three provides key information on how to market and sell your book. Also included is a valuable resource section that guides you to websites which offer essential information on self-publishing service providers, including complete self-publishing companies as well as freelance editors, proofreaders, printers, distributors, marketers, and publicists.

Today, self-publishing workshops and lecturers charge hopeful writers hundreds of dollars, promising to turn their self-published books into bestsellers. The fact is that your book's chance of success starts at its origin, not with the finished product. However you choose to produce your book, whether through a self-publishing company or through separate services, here is a complete road map to what lies ahead - based not on hype or wishful thinking, but on Dr. Jan Yager's lifetime of experience in the world of publishing.

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Social isolation, loneliness, and suicide are conditions we often associate with the elderly. But in reality, these issues have sharply increased across younger generations. Even more concerning, it appears that the younger the generation, the greater the feelings of disconnection.

Regardless of age, it feels as though we're living through a period of ongoing disequilibrium because we're not able to adapt quickly enough to the social and technological changes swirling around us. And yet we need fulfilling relationships with people our own age and across the generations to lead lives that are rich in meaning and purpose.

We can't restore yesterday's model of community, where only those who were older transmitted wisdom downward to the generation below. But we can relearn how much members of different generations have to offer each other and recreate intergenerational communities for the 21st century where young, old, and everyone in between is equally valued for their perspectives, and where each generation views itself as having a stake in the other's success.

In Connecting Generations: Bridging the Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial Divide, Hayim Herring focuses more deeply on how Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials perceive one another and looks underneath the generational labels that compound isolation. He offers ways we can prepare current and future generations for a world in which ongoing interactions with people from multiple generations become the norm, and re-experience how enriching intergenerational relationships are personally and communally.

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The hardest part of a manager's job isn't staying organized, meeting deliverable dates, or staying on budget. It's dealing with people who are too comfortable doing things the way they've always been done and too afraid to do things differently ----- workers who are, as Bill Treasurer puts it, too "comfeartable." They fail to exert themselves any more than they have to and make their businesses dangerously safe.

Treasurer, a courage-building pioneer, proposes a bold antidote: courage. He lays out a step-by-step process that treats courage as a skill that can be developed and strengthened. Treasurer differentiates what he calls the Three Buckets of Courage: TRY Courage, having the guts to take initiative; TRUST Courage, being willing to follow the lead of others; and TELL Courage, being honest and assertive with coworkers and bosses.

Aristotle said that courage is the first virtue because it makes all other virtues possible. It's as true in business as it is in life. With more courage, workers gain the confidence to take on harder projects, embrace company changes with more enthusiasm, and extend themselves in ways that will benefit their careers and their company.

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If you're looking to tap into the freedom and financial security that can come with owning a franchise, investigating your opportunities will be crucial in minimizing your risk.

The thing is, how can you get the answers you need to make a smart decision on which one to buy? Heck, you're not even sure what questions you should be asking to get the truth about the franchises you're interested in.

And that's okay. It's not like you've ever bought a franchise. But you really want to be your own boss. You're excited about the possibilities. You just don't want to lose all your money in the process. I get it. The upshot of all this?

All you need is to find a way to lower your risk, and at the same time, increase your odds of choosing a quality franchise to own.

And as you're about to see, I have that way.

Without exception, the most important part of the franchise purchasing process is the research. You just need to know how to do it.

That's because the ramifications of making a poor decision - of choosing the wrong franchise - are huge. You could lose thousands of dollars, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it could take years to replace the money you lost.

If you'd like to avoid that, you need to invest in this franchise research guide that is full of proven questions you need to ask and how to interpret the answers you get.

When you invest in this downloadable franchise research guide today, you'll get instant access to all of my proven franchise research methods and strategies-so you can get the answers you need on the franchise opportunities you're investigating.

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Entitlemania is an epidemic. Well-intentioned parents across the country are enabling a ''me'' generation of children who lack the wisdom and satisfaction of accomplishment that only struggle and adversity can bring.

As a veteran advisor and legal counsel to America's most successful families, Richard Watts has seen the extremes of entitlement up close and wants to help you avoid creating it in your own children. Entitlemania will teach you how to redirect kids and repair adults who believe the world owes them something. Your greatest challenge may be learning to control your own actions!

Entitlemania will provide practical strategies like creating boundaries, walking your talk, and allowing children to fend for themselves. A groundbreaking book that sheds important light on an increasingly pervasive social trend affecting children at every age-and at every income bracket! The big takeaway for parents: You may have to let your children fail so they can learn how to succeed.

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Selling principles permeate throughout our daily lives...

Every job interview, relationship, team, or club one tries out for requires putting best sales skills and behavior forward.

Professional Selling in the 21st Century: 7 Ways, 7 Times by John Dietrich and Cary Nichols not only demonstrates how readers can put concepts into practice, but examines how sales applies to ALL of our personal and professional lives as well.

Based on the authors' 40+ years of sales and education experience, Professional Selling in the 21st Century: 7 Ways, 7 Times...

...Is Practical! The publication not only discusses the concepts, but presents a variety of ways to practice the behaviors right now - today!

...Is Logical! To meet the structure of a typical undergraduate course, the text is divided into three categories: 1) Fundamentals of Building Relationships; 2) Targeting Your Audience and Positioning; and 3) Closing the Deal.

...Challenges Readers! Each chapter includes a case study or homework assignment to spark classroom discussion and encourage readers to take and defend a position with specific reasoning, intellect, and problem-solving skills

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The rise of new technologies in our lives, which has taken us from powerful mobile phones to fitness trackers and smart appliances in under a decade, has also raised the need for everyone who uses these to protect themselves from cyber scams and hackers. Every new device and online service you use that improves your life also opens new doors for attackers looking to discover your passwords, banking accounts, personal photos, and anything else you want to keep secret.

In Cyber Smart, author Bart McDonough uses his extensive cybersecurity experience speaking at conferences for the FBI, major financial institutions, and other clients to answer the most common question he hears: "How can I protect myself at home, on a personal level, away from the office?" McDonough knows cybersecurity and online privacy are daunting to the average person so Cyber Smartsimplifies online good hygiene with five simple "Brilliance in the Basics" habits anyone can learn. With those habits and his careful debunking of common cybersecurity myths you'll be able to protect yourself and your family from identify theft, compromising your children, lost money, and lost access to email and social media accounts.

Digital security is one of the most important, and least understood, aspects of our daily lives. But it doesn't have to be. Thanks to its clear instruction, friendly tone, and practical strategies, Cyber Smart will help you rest more easily, knowing you and your family are protected from digital attack.

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Raise the Bar, Change the Game is the beautifully written autobiography of an entrepreneur. Rarely do you have a biography where personal humanity is intricately interwoven with the business successes and failures that occur when someone takes a road never before traveled; in this case, through the newly-fallen Soviet Union.

The rapid collapse of the Soviet Union hit all of Eastern Europe like the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. Brian quotes Darwin, "It is not the not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one that is most adaptable to change." No one in Eastern Europe had a Plan B for a capitalist economy after the fall of Communism and the end of Russian domination.

Brian was tenacious. He saw that success lay in constant adaption and in coping with the old Communist mentality, while helping create a new business environment. Business became a series of transient opportunities. It was about market creation, not market fulfilment ----- not an easy task because business conditions were different in every city-state in Eastern Europe.

This is a great book for someone who wants to be a pathfinder, a disruptor, or a change agent ----- not just another suit in an established firm. This book is about marketing high tech and market creation. It shares the accumulated wisdom of a true pioneer with the ease of a campfire story.

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Whether you're a corporate executive, business owner, policymaker, or moving into the later season of your career, the stakes for America's aging population are high. People 65 and older will account for 20 percent of the population in 2030, up from 13 percent in 2000. Many prognosticators blame the aging population for the stagnating economy, citing that as more and more people retire, they will stop working as relatively fewer working people have to support growing numbers of dependent elderly. Purpose and a Paycheck debunks this line of thought by showing how a growing movement of elderly entrepreneurs and part time workers are creating conditions for a stronger and more vibrant economy.

Growing numbers of Americans are no longer retiring in the traditional sense. The numbers are striking and largely unappreciated. Over 25 percent of new business ventures in 2016 were started by the 55-to-64-year-old age group, up from 14.8 percent in 1996. People in their 50s and 60s are launching new businesses at nearly twice the rate of people in their 20s.

America's aging society and workforce is redefining work for all generations and is among the most significant long-term forces shaping the U.S. economy and society, alongside globalization, automation and climate change. Instead of an economic deadweight, America's aging population holds the promise of getting back the economy mojo. Reframing aging will result in faster rates of economic growth and higher living standards for all of us in addition to a more fulfilling and financially secure second half of life for our aging population.

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Drawing on substantial new material, Cyrus A. Ansary gives a riveting account of how George Washington sought to put in place in America an economic system that was the antithesis of what had existed in the colonies under British rule.

The entrepreneurial economy - which nurtures and rewards innovation and inventiveness - did not sprout into being in the United States by sheer happenstance. It was put in place by our first President. He painstakingly laid the foundation for it, but it did not take root without a struggle. He needed extraordinary tenacity to overcome fierce opposition to his program.

President Washington's economic initiatives are the least well understood facets of Washington's busy and productive life. They enlarged the dreams and opportunities of Americans, led to a flourishing entrepreneurial climate, and are an inspiring tale for our time.

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Whether you're a corporate executive, business owner, policymaker, or moving into the later season of your career, the stakes for America's aging population are high. People 65 and older will account for 20 percent of the population in 2030, up from 13 percent in 2000. Many prognosticators blame the aging population for the stagnating economy, citing that as more and more people retire, they will stop working as relatively fewer working people have to support growing numbers of dependent elderly. Purpose and a Paycheck debunks this line of thought by showing how a growing movement of elderly entrepreneurs and part time workers are creating conditions for a stronger and more vibrant economy.

Growing numbers of Americans are no longer retiring in the traditional sense. The numbers are striking and largely unappreciated. Over 25 percent of new business ventures in 2016 were started by the 55-to-64-year-old age group, up from 14.8 percent in 1996. People in their 50s and 60s are launching new businesses at nearly twice the rate of people in their 20s.

America's aging society and workforce is redefining work for all generations and is among the most significant long-term forces shaping the U.S. economy and society, alongside globalization, automation and climate change. Instead of an economic deadweight, America's aging population holds the promise of getting back the economy mojo. Reframing aging will result in faster rates of economic growth and higher living standards for all of us in addition to a more fulfilling and financially secure second half of life for our aging population.

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The great majority of startups fail, and most entrepreneurs who have succeeded have had to bounce back from serious mistakes. Entrepreneurs fumble key interactions because they don't know how to handle the negotiation challenges that almost always arise. They mistakenly believe that deals are about money when they are much more complicated than that.

This book presents entrepreneurship as a series of interactions between founders, partners, potential partners, investors and others at various stages of the entrepreneurial process - from seed to exit. There are plenty of authors offering 'tips' on how to succeed as an entrepreneur, but no one else scrutinizes the negotiation mistakes that successful entrepreneurs talk about with the authors.

As Dinnar and his coauthor Lawrence Susskind show, learning to handle emotions, manage uncertainty, cope with technical complexity and build long-term relationships are equally or even more important. This book spotlights eight big mistakes that entrepreneurs often make and shows how most can be prevented with some forethought. It includes interviews with high-profile entrepreneurs about their own mistakes. It also covers gender biases, cultural challenges, and when to employ agents to negotiate on your behalf.

Aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs should pay attention to the negotiation errors that even the most successful entrepreneurs commonly make.

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Lack of funding is one of the biggest reasons small businesses fail. In 2016 in the United States alone, more than 31 percent of small business owners reported that they could not access adequate capital, and the lack of capital prevented them from growing the business, expanding operations, increasing inventory, or financing increased sales.

Most business owners believe that their only feasible funding options are savings or personal credit, friends and family or bank loans. They may have heard about venture capitalists or angel investors, but they don't have enough information about what these investors do, what they can provide for a business, on what terms, or how to access the people who are looking to put their money into young companies with potential.

Crack the Funding Code will show readers how to find the money, create pitches that attract investors, and then structure fair, ethical deals that will bring them new sources of outside capital and invaluable professional advice. It will give readers a broader perspective of how funding works, how investors think, and what they need to hear to put their money where your mouth is. Readers will find easy-to-follow deal checklists, a roadmap of where and how to locate the best funding resources and top business mentors for their particular industry and/or geographical location, and a step-by-step process to create pitches that make their idea or business irresistible.

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Fast paced, enjoyable to read and even more fun to look at, Your Exit Map: Navigating the Boomer Bust is a new kind of business book for the 21st century. Modern technology and the Internet combine to surpass the drab, text filled "drone tomes" that fill too many business owners' shelves.

Over 200 illustrations, photos, graphs and cartoons take the reader through the historical shifts that created a generation of Boomer entrepreneurs, and the equally powerful forces that are assembling to challenge their successful transitions. Humor and insight share each page, mixing entertainment with critical information for planning the biggest financial event of most entrepreneurs' careers.

Your Exit Map covers the various strategies for transferring a business to new ownership. It describes the features that attract different classes of buyers, how they target companies for acquisition, and their methodologies for assigning value.

This is not an exit planning encyclopedia. Your Exit Map offers a high-level overview of how to use simple tools to determine the balance of priorities between your retirement timeframe, financial goals, and your desire to preserve the legacy of what you've built. It explains sales through business brokers, competitive acquisitions, private equity, leveraged buyouts, ESOPs and family transfers; describing the parameters for extracting maximum proceeds from each approach.

Your Exit Map also features interviews with owners who have exited their businesses with varying levels of success. In their own words, they describe the best and worst things that happened as they prepared to exit, during the process and afterwards. Their stories bring home the joys and pitfalls hat accompany such a major change in lifestyle.

Your Exit Map: Navigating the Boomer Bust is supplemented by an online library of free interactive planning tools, checklists and educational resources at www.YourExitMap.com. Each tool referenced in the book is available for instantly modeling your own plan, along with articles, white papers and the author's own exit planning blog www.Awakeat2oclock.com.

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Lack of funding is one of the biggest reasons small businesses fail. In 2016 in the United States alone, more than 31 percent of small business owners reported that they could not access adequate capital, and the lack of capital prevented them from growing the business, expanding operations, increasing inventory, or financing increased sales.

Most business owners believe that their only feasible funding options are savings or personal credit, friends and family or bank loans. They may have heard about venture capitalists or angel investors, but they don't have enough information about what these investors do, what they can provide for a business, on what terms, or how to access the people who are looking to put their money into young companies with potential.

Crack the Funding Code will show readers how to find the money, create pitches that attract investors, and then structure fair, ethical deals that will bring them new sources of outside capital and invaluable professional advice. It will give readers a broader perspective of how funding works, how investors think, and what they need to hear to put their money where your mouth is. Readers will find easy-to-follow deal checklists, a roadmap of where and how to locate the best funding resources and top business mentors for their particular industry and/or geographical location, and a step-by-step process to create pitches that make their idea or business irresistible.

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J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2019 is the small business owner's ultimate guide to a money-saving, stress-free tax season. Providing straightforward advice from the nation's most trusted tax expert on small business taxes, this book gives you the answers you need quickly, with clear, concise guidance. Updated to cover changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and other legislation, this edition also includes an e-supplement covering additional developments from Congress and the IRS to keep you fully up-to-date.

A complete listing of all available business deductions and credits helps you identify those you qualify for, and includes critical information on dollar limits, recordkeeping requirements, and how to actually take the write-off-all the way down to the IRS form to use. Organizational and planning strategies help you get through the process quickly and with fewer headaches, and this year's changes to the tax laws are explained in terms of how they affect your filing.

Every year, millions of small business owners overpay their taxes because they lack the time and expertise to make tax-sensitive business decisions throughout the year only to learn that it's too late to act when it comes to tax time. Now you can put your money back where it belongs-in your business. J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2019 helps you take wise actions during the year and tells you how to file completely and accurately while maximizing your bottom line.

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In 2016, we reached a tipping point-a moment where the global and local implications of cybersecurity became undeniable. Despite the seriousness of the topic, the term "cybersecurity" still exasperates many people. They feel terrorized and overwhelmed. The majority of business people have very little understanding of cybersecurity, how to manage it, and what's really at risk.

This essential guide, with its dozens of examples and case studies, breaks down every element of the development and management of a cybersecurity program for the executive. From understanding the need, to core risk management principles, to threats, tools, roles and responsibilities, this book walks the reader through each step of developing and implementing a cybersecurity program. Read cover-to-cover, it's a thorough overview, but it can also function as a useful reference book as individual questions and difficulties arise.

If you're a business manager or executive who needs to make sense of cybersecurity, this book demystifies it for you.

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President Trump's tax cut reduced taxes by $5 trillion. Now The Trump Tax Cut shows businesses how they can benefit from hundreds of deductions, loopholes and tax secrets. You'll also read about the "Trump Tax Loophole" that can slash your personal taxes by an additional 20% instantly! That's if you qualify -- and many Americans do. Find more than 200 deductions, write-offs and legal loopholes, including:
• The change that will instantly help 70% of Americans.
• Buy a new car up to $40,000 and write it off immediately.
• Big changes for medical expenses.
• 3 deductions that usually slip right past the IRS.
• Get the government to help pay your energy bill.
• The most overlooked tax deduction many accountants don't even know.
• How you can still deduct the mortgage interest on two homes.
• Take $10,000 of distributions from 529s to help cover the cost of home schooling.
• A better way to save for college.
• 13 tax no-nos that could trigger an audit.
• And 200+ more tips, loopholes and deductions.
• PLUS: 5 Best States to Live in Under the New Law.

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We grew up believing that we could trust our friends, teachers, newspapers, social media feeds, corporations, and politicians. That's not the case anymore. We are living in the post-trust era. Misrepresentation, exaggerated truths, and outright fake news have become a world-wide phenomenon. Finding truth is like searching for a needle in a haystack and it is only getting harder. Savvy makes it easier.

Savvy introduces seminal psychology studies and examples from today's political and business headlines to illuminate why we're so vulnerable to putting our trust in people, organizations and information that is biased, or outright deceptive, and on the flip side, to doubting credible sources. In the post-trust era, so much is out of our control, yet we can inoculate ourselves. This book introduces six human glitches that explain what makes us vulnerable to fakeness and provide recommendations for how we can avoid these human fallacies in the future.

As we move to a future dominated by artificial intelligence, where cars drive us better than we drive ourselves and robots become our managers, whom we trust and how we build businesses, engage customers and motivate employees is going to be markedly different. Savvy provides guidance on how to avoid falling into the psychology traps of today while learning what we need to do to succeed in tomorrow's world.

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Tailored for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for long-term financial planning and wealth management, The Business Owner's Guide to Financial Freedom reveals the secrets behind successfully investing in your business while bypassing Wall Street-influenced financial planners.

Attorney and CPA Mark J. Kohler and expert financial planner Randall A. Luebke deliver a guide catered to your entrepreneurial journey as they teach you how to create assets that provide income so work is no longer a requirement, identify money and tax-saving strategies, and address business succession plans to help you transition into the investment phase of business ownership.

You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it. So if you're ready to stop treating your business like your only asset and want to start making it your most valuable legacy, this book is for you!

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The success of your business relies on the success of your people.

When author Paul Sarvadi co-founded Insperity, an HR outsourcing company, he concentrated on building a business plan that focused on people and values rather than cold, hard economics. By believing that one's business is only as strong as their human capital, Paul was able to grow Insperity into a multibillion-dollar company.

In his debut book, Take Care of Your People: The Enlightened CEO's Guide to Business Success, you will learn how to establish a strong human capital strategy that exudes your company's values and propels business success. Backed by Paul's thirty-plus years of experience in corporate management and aiding the struggles of small- to medium-sized businesses, Take Care of Your People is the perfect resource for any CEO or executive who wants to improve their business outcomes through their most valuable resource: their people.

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Tailored for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for long-term financial planning and wealth management, The Business Owner's Guide to Financial Freedom reveals the secrets behind successfully investing in your business while bypassing Wall Street-influenced financial planners.

Attorney and CPA Mark J. Kohler and expert financial planner Randall A. Luebke deliver a guide catered to your entrepreneurial journey as they teach you how to create assets that provide income so work is no longer a requirement, identify money and tax-saving strategies, and address business succession plans to help you transition into the investment phase of business ownership.

You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it. So if you're ready to stop treating your business like your only asset and want to start making it your most valuable legacy, this book is for you!

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The professional landscape is transforming, and the only way to maintain competitive advantage is to maximize the unique skills of your workforce. In Humanity Works, bestselling author, global workplace consultant and futurist Alexandra Levit provides a guide to making the most of the human traits of creativity, judgement, problem solving and interpersonal sensitivity. Revealing what the 'robot takeover' will really look like, how talent and machines can work side by side and how you can make organizational structures more agile and innovation focused, this book will prepare you to lead organizations of the future.

Humanity Works doesn't just explain the fascinating trends of the future of work; it condenses cutting-edge academic and business thinking to show what you can do about the future right now. Original, real-life case studies including Nestle, The Washington Post, Deloitte, and Pepsi combined with exercises and workplace tools will equip you for staying innovative and successful in the wake of major workplace disruption. Everything hinges on capturing the human edge in your organization.

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Find out what Blockchain is, how it works, and what it can do for you
Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, the revolutionary 'virtual currency' that's changing the way people do business. While Bitcoin has enjoyed some well deserved hype, Blockchain may be Bitcoin's most vital legacy. Blockchain For Dummies is the ideal starting place for business pros looking to gain a better understanding of what Blockchain is, how it can improve the integrity of their data, and how it can work to fundamentally change their business and enhance their data security.

Blockchain For Dummies covers the essential things you need to know about this exciting technology's promise of revolutionizing financial transactions, data security, and information integrity. The book covers the technologies behind Blockchain, introduces a variety of existing Blockchain solutions, and even walks you through creating a small but working Blockchain-based application.

Filled with vital information and tips on how this paradigm-changing technology can transform your business for the better, this book will not only show you Blockchain's full potential, but your own as well!

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Happiness and Positive Leadership Coach JoAnna Brandi has created a delightful gift book that offers 54 unique ideas that can take your mood from dark to light. Its lighthearted illustrations make it fun to read and use (and for those so inclined, fun to color as well.)

Based on personal experiences and learnings in a lifetime of curiosity - as well as almost 30 years as a consultant in creating happy and profitable business cultures, JoAnna encourages her readers to create their own lists of what works when the world gets them down. While the book was originally written before she became a happiness coach, this updated and revised edition is instilled with intuition and insight that stands the test of time.

Illustrations were meditated and then drawn by award winning artist and branding expert Jo Ann Goldsmith. Almost everyone who has purchased this book in the past has come back for more copies to give away to friends. It's the perfect "brighten a friend's day" gift.

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Dr. Meg Myers Morgan, an expert in personal and professional negotiations, deconstructs our preconceived notions about adulthood, parenthood, and career paths and illuminates how they can limit us.

Drawing from her experiences personally mentoring and professionally coaching her graduate students, raising her kids, and achieving success in her own career, this is a must-read for high-potential women balancing work and life.

Chock full of powerful advice, case studies, and laugh-out-loud stories, this humorous yet commanding book will inspire you to clarify goals, overcome doubts, have a healthy relationship with ambition, and set the terms for the life you want.

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When John Chambers joined Cisco in 1991, it was a company with 400 employees, a single product, and about $70 million in revenue. When he stepped down as CEO in 2015, he left a $47 billion tech giant that was the backbone of the internet and a leader in areas from cybersecurity to data center convergence. Along the way, he had acquired 180 companies and turned more than 10,000 employees into millionaires. Widely recognized as an innovator, an industry leader, and one of the world's best CEOs, Chambers has outlasted and outmaneuvered practically every rival that ever tried to take Cisco on -- Nortel, Lucent, Alcatel, IBM, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard, to name a few.

Now Chambers is sharing his unique strategies for winning in a digital world. From his early lessons and struggles with dyslexia in West Virginia to his bold bets and battles with some of the biggest names in tech, Chambers gives readers a playbook on how to act before the market shifts, tap customers for strategy, partner for growth, build teams, and disrupt themselves. He also adapted those lessons to transform government, helping global leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to create new models for growth.

As CEO of JC2 Ventures, Chambers is now investing in a new generation of game-changing startups by helping founders become great leaders and scale their companies. Connecting the Dots is destined to become a business classic, providing hard-won insights and critical tools to thrive during the accelerating disruption of the digital age.

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SPECIAL NOTE: Barbara is trying something new! There are two different editions of this eBook. The first is a "Standard Edition" whose content will remain unchanged (other than clerical corrections). The second is what she calls a "Living Edition." In this edition, new chapters and examples will be added regularly at no additional cost. Readers of this edition will be alerted by Amazon each time an updated version is posted. You can switch between the versions by clicking in the "Formats" box above.

Barbara Weltman, the prolific, best-selling author of over a dozen books on how to do things right in business, takes an inspired look at the hard lessons learned when things go wrong, in Smooth Failing. Through extensive interviews with entrepreneurs whose ventures fail for a variety of reasons - some stunningly unexpected, some painfully inevitable - Weltman gleans valuable insights about the small mistakes that can lead to large scale catastrophe. Smooth Failing seeks to save many readers from similar disasters - while empowering those who are learning from failures and adversity to bounce back stronger and wiser on the often rocky road to success.

In the "Living Edition" each new chapter added will center around a new story of business failure and the resulting lessons learned. Requests for specific examples or entrepreneurs to be featured can be submitted by the reader for future consideration. These requests will dictate how often and how many additional stories will be made available.

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From bestselling author Kenneth C. Davis comes a fascinating account of the Spanish influenza pandemic 100 years after it first swept the world in 1918.

"Davis deftly juggles compelling storytelling, gruesome details, and historical context. More Deadly Than War reads like a terrifying dystopian novel―that happens to be true." ―Steve Sheinkin, author of Bomb and Undefeated

A Washington Post Best Children's Book of the Month

With 2018 marking the 100th anniversary of the worst disease outbreak in modern history, the story of the Spanish flu is more relevant today than ever. This dramatic narrative, told through the stories and voices of the people caught in the deadly maelstrom, explores how this vast, global epidemic was intertwined with the horrors of World War I―and how it could happen again. Complete with photographs, period documents, modern research, and firsthand reports by medical professionals and survivors, this book provides capitvating insight into a catastrophe that transformed America in the early twentieth century.

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Do you dream of a future filled with flying cars and sexy robotic sidekicks or is your vision of tomorrow a nightmare where automation has taken your job, hackers have stolen your identity, and governments track your every move?

The choices for our future often seem to run in extremes. Either we're living in a world of endless pleasure or a dark age of surveillance and digital slavery. Neither vision is accurate. Both stand in the way of creating a sustainable, equitable, and abundant tomorrow.

In Reimagining Our Tomorrows, futurist and storyteller, Joe Tankersley illustrates how the massive disruptions we are experiencing today in technology, society, culture, and economics, can help us create a world of personal empowerment and community prosperity.

Whether you are a young professional looking for purpose, a socially-conscious entrepreneur doing work that matters, or an experienced changemaker trying to keep up with the pace of disruption, Reimagining Our Tomorrows is for all the doers and dreamers anxious to ensure our best days are still ahead of us.

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The Saudi royal family and Aramco leadership are, and almost always have been, motivated by ambitions of long-term strength and profit. They use Islamic law, traditional ideology, and harsh justice to maintain stability and their own power, but underneath the thobes and abayas and behind the religious fanaticism and illiberalism lies a sophisticated and ruthless business enterprise.

Over more than a century, fed by ambition and oil wealth, al Saud (as the royal family is known) has come from having next to nothing to ruling as absolute monarchs. Their story starts with Saudi Arabia's founder, the lowly refugee Abdul Aziz, embarking on a daring gambit to reconquer his family's ancestral home: the mud-walled city of Riyadh. And it ends with al Saud's most ambitious move yet: taking Aramco, the multinational business that has made them the wealthiest family in the world, public.

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In Lighting the Way: Stories that Show How Our Culture Went Wrong and How We Can Restore Order, co-authors John Horvat II and Norman Fulkerson put together a collection of essays and stories that represent hope for America. The book is written as a long-awaited companion to John Horvat's award-winning work, Return to Order: From A Frenzied Economy to An Organic Christian Society - Where We've Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go.

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Called the Bible of Public speaking, Knockout Presentations is a "seminar in a book" that reduces fear and gives speakers the steps to craft and deliver a talk that will make them a knockout on the platform!

Diane DiResta provides all the fundamentals without the fluff. Speakers learn what confidence looks like, sounds like, and how to speak the language of confidence, reduce preparation time, craft a compelling talk, size up an audience, overcome fear, and master questions and answers. The Dos and Don'ts at the end of each chapter help speakers review and remember the principles even after putting them into practice.

Speaking is the new competitive advantage and Knockout Presentations gives speakers tools and techniques, templates, and resources to improve their skills.

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There is a massive environmental shift happening in financial markets today. Interest rates are rising and what has been very easy for investors in the past is about to become very hard. Everything people think they know about investing is being turned on its head. It's time to change investing behavior.

A self-help book for the everyday investor, Gold Is A Better Way is a metaphor for sound investing. Adam Baratta strips away all the confusion and complexities surrounding investing and breaks down investment concepts and the simple fundamentals driving markets. He provides a roadmap for how to win at the game of investing and, more importantly, explains the "why" so readers can continue to win. Everyday investors gain tools that allow them to know with certainty they are making sound investment decisions, as well as an understanding of where to diversify investments that have historically performed well.

There's no changing behavior without changing beliefs. Gold Is A Better Way offers a fresh investment strategy and makes the case for a return to sound investing, turning the strategies recommended by Wall Street on their head as financial conditions become tighter and tighter.

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Welcome to the Talent Economy a 21st-century economy characterized by unprecedented innovation, connectivity, disruption, and opportunity.
Unfortunately, the positive attributes of the Talent Economy have been largely overshadowed thus far by the continual decline of employee job satisfaction, employee turnover costing organizations billions of dollars, shrinking profitability, and the Boomer retirement wave.

The need to engage younger generations of talent is widespread and urgent. Our leadership is aging and the skills gap continues to grow. The impetus to close the widening disparity between talent- development practices and business impact has never been greater.

For too long, we've just assumed there is no other way. But clearly there is another way.

It's Talent Generation.

Drawing from documented workforce and talent-development research, as well as her own ongoing study of generational impacts, Sarah Sladek cites numerous examples of organizations that have been capable of engaging employees in this era of disruption what they did, why it worked, and how it's made a difference to the organizations outlook and bottom line.

She proves that it's possible to create an organization designed to engage talent, and she provides guidance to do it.

Her book equips organizations with the much-needed insights to make smart, confident, future-focused workforce decisions.

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Anyone who has run a company, raised a family, lead an army, or coached a team struggles to find the key to help others excel and realize their potential. What if we could speak Words of Life that transform those under our influence and ignite fires of intrinsic motivation? Recent discoveries of brain science and the wisdom of top CEO's that Dr. Tim Irwin interviewed for this book give us the answers we've long sought.

In most organizations, the methods used to provide feedback to employees such as performance appraisal or multi-rater feedback systems, in fact, accomplish the exact opposite of what we intend. In recent years, science discovered that affirmation sets in motion huge positive changes in the brain. It releases certain neurochemicals associated with well-being and higher performance. Amazingly, criticism creates just the opposite neural reaction.

Brain science tells us that we can establish a connection between the employee's work and his or her aspirations. Extraordinary Influence calls for a new approach to align workers with an organization's mission, strategy and goals, called Alliance Feedback.

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J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2018 is the complete and thorough guide to reducing your tax burden. By listing every possible deduction and credit available to individual taxpayers, this book can help you achieve substantial savings on your 2017 tax return.

Updated and expanded to cover new and changing tax law, this edition also includes an e-supplement covering the latest developments from Congress and the IRS to keep you fully up-to-date.

Stop overpaying and gain peace of mind as you find the answers you need for your specific tax situation. Mine your paperwork for write-off opportunities, and claim your tax breaks correctly; easy-to-follow instructions give you clear guidance through the maze of worksheets to help you reclaim what is legally yours.

Instead of mounting an expedition into impenetrable tax code, let an expert do the legwork for you: J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2018 gives you the straightforward, no-nonsense information you need to stop overpaying and keep more of what's yours.

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In his groundbreaking books, Hug Your Customers -- a Wall Street Journal bestseller -- and Hug Your People, Jack Mitchell brought a warm human touch to the often-cold, bottom-line world of business. As the CEO of Mitchell's clothing stores, one of the most successful small businesses in the country, he noticed that customer service and satisfaction get a lot of lip service -- but not enough hugs. When you focus on the emotional connection as well as the intellectual aspect of a sale, you form strong lasting relationships that keep your customers returning, sales rising, and business booming.

Mitchell's personal approach to customer service involves a simple 5-stage process that anyone can master. These winning sales strategies will help you adjust your mindset, refine your selling style, and embrace the joy and value of caring for your customers. You'll learn how to be a better listener so you can anticipate your customer's every need. You'll discover the power of positive, passionate words to establish a warm personal connection. Most importantly, you'll be able to close the deal and make that sale in a relaxed friendly manner that people will love. It's a win-win-win for you, your customers, and your business.

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What if the best way to grow your network isn't by introducing yourself to strangers at cocktail parties, handing out business cards, or signing up for the latest online tool, but by developing a better understanding of the existing network that's already around you?

We know that it's essential to reach out and build a network. But did you know that it's actually your distant or former contacts who will be the most helpful to you? Or that many of our best efforts at meeting new people simply serve up the same old opportunities we already have?

In this startling new look at the art and science of networking, business school professor, David Burkus, digs deep to find the unexpected secrets that reveal the best ways to grow your career.

Based on entertaining case studies and scientific research, this practical and revelatory guide shares what the best networkers really do. Forget the outdated advice you've already heard. Learn how to make use of the hidden networks you already have.

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Despite social and economic advances around the world, poverty and disease persist, exacerbated by the mounting challenges of climate change, natural disasters, political conflict, mass migration, and economic inequality. While governments commit to addressing these challenges, traditional public and philanthropic dollars are not enough. Here, innovative finance has shown a way forward: by borrowing techniques from the world of finance, we can raise capital for social investments today.

Capital and the Common Good shows how market failure in one context can be solved with market solutions from another: an expert in securitization bundles future development aid into bonds to pay for vaccines today; an entrepreneur turns a mobile phone into an array of financial services for the unbanked; and policy makers adapt pay-for-success models from the world of infrastructure to human services like early childhood education, maternal health, and job training.

Revisiting the successes and missteps of these efforts, Georgia Levenson Keohane argues that innovative finance is as much about incentives and sound decision-making as it is about money. When it works, innovative finance gives us the tools, motivation, and security to invest in our shared future.

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The secrets of money have been discovered.
Monetary systems are, in fact, information systems. They are accounting systems that help humans economize. Like all animals, humans must economize to survive. Monetary systems allow each of us to make decisions to coordinate our actions and to optimize.

Join computer scientist Sean Worthington as he shows you the possible futures of digital currencies. One where prosperity explodes and people live free and in control of their lives. Another future where blockchain socialists track every purchase you make and take your money to give to others.

Read about Worthington's invention: CloudCoin that provides a theoretically "perfect” global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost. With CloudCoin your exchanges are 100% private, requiring no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption. CloudCoins form a monetary system that is fair and ethical and requires no special software or downloads, and, like the Internet itself, cannot be brought down by governments, hackers or even nuclear weapons.

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Imagine your life without the internet. Without phones. Without television. Without sprawling cities. Without the freedom to continue working and playing after the sun goes down.

Electricity is at the core of all modern life. It has transformed our society more than any other technology. Yet, no book offers a comprehensive history about this technological marvel.

Until now.

Simply Electrifying: The Technology that Transformed the World, from Benjamin Franklin to Elon Musk brings to life the 250-year history of electricity through the stories of the men and women who used it to transform our world: Benjamin Franklin, James Watt, Michael Faraday, Samuel F.B. Morse, Thomas Edison, Samuel Insull, Albert Einstein, Rachel Carson, Elon Musk, and more. In the process, it reveals for the first time the complete, thrilling, and often-dangerous story of electricity's historic discovery, development, and worldwide application.

Written by electricity expert and four-decade veteran of the industry Craig R. Roach, Simply Electrifying marshals, in fascinating narrative detail, the full range of factors that shaped the electricity business over time-science, technology, law, politics, government regulation, economics, business strategy, and culture-before looking forward toward the exhilarating prospects for electricity generation and use that will shape our future.

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Are you the Authority in your field? Are you recognized as a stand-out thought leader, a published author, a keynote speaker, or a media personality? Are you viewed as a commodity? A hard-working expert who is a commodity and has to compete on every level, including price?

One thing is for certain: Authority doesn't just happen; Authority is built through a systematic process called the Authority Marketing System. But how can you make this shift in an environment that is noisier and more crowded than ever before?

If you are an entrepreneur, CEO, or professional who is frustrated with the traditional approach to marketing and wants to grow your business and make a bigger impact, this book will show you how to use the Authority Marketing System to create a clear and trackable blueprint to shift yourself from a commoditized expert to a highly visible Authority.

In this book you will learn:
* What Authority Marketing is and how to use it to grow your business
* The 7 Pillars of Authority Marketing
* How others have used Authority Marketing to create unimaginable success
* Why thought leadership is your most important secret weapon

Authority Marketing isn't about ego or attention -- it's about accelerating the speed of trust so you are viewed not as an expert with something to sell, but as a thought leader with important insight to teach. Start growing your Authority today!

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Where are you in your business journey?

Most entrepreneurs are looking for ways to push their companies to grow and get bigger. But they struggle with decisions about how big they want to become, how much money to keep investing in their company, and how to even go about it. They want more, but they're not sure how to think about the problems, obligations, and risk that come with growth. This is the growth dilemma.

In The Growth Dilemma, Ami Kassar, author and nationally renowned expert on access to capital for entrepreneurs, shows you how to sort through your choices to build your business to the size and complexity that makes the most sense for you. He'll walk you through exercises that help you:

* Answer the crucial million-dollar question
* Figure out what entrepreneurial stage you're in
* Determine your personal risk profile
* Identify your own growth aspirations

Knowing these parts of your puzzle will not only influence how you think about your growth dilemma but also allow you to discover your financing comfort zone. Through the profiles of fifteen real entrepreneurs and companies, you'll also be able to see, throughout the book, examples of how different financing decisions affect every kind of business. As you apply the strategies you learn, you'll find the financing structure that will help you reach your goals.

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This is the inspirational story of one team that bought, expanded, and sold the business they worked for. You get the story of the real twists and turns of employees purchasing their company, plus many business lessons. From raising more than two million dollars in a week, to marketing and management innovations, you'll see it all. "Would-be" great entrepreneurs may not make the break from their jobs. But if your company is sold, or your division closed, that may provide you the opportunity to do even better on your own. Buying a business can be the best way to become an entrepreneur. Whether it's the company you work for, or not, you get the benefits of existing procedures and a base from which to make improvements. You and your colleagues may already comprise a potential success team.

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For some of us, projecting confidence and credibility is second nature. For the rest of us, it seems like a foreign language we'll never learn - until now. Robert Jolles, bestselling author and expert speaker, preaches that what you say actually matters far less than how you say it--it's the tune, not the lyrics, that truly convinces people.

Let's face it - there are some of us who are born with a natural ability to effortlessly communicate with others and be believed. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses this natural talent, and as a result struggle with the simple act of being believed. Frequently, this inability to get others to believe becomes a significant stumbling block affecting those we interact with, and the paths we choose in life. Expert author Rob Jolles has actively mentored and coached thousands who battle with long-term unemployment, and have a particularly acute problem with presenting themselves effectively. The problem, he says, is we rely far too heavily on our words to secure the belief of others, when in reality only seven percent of the emotional impact of our message comes from the words we use. The solution he offers here is building confidence through a series of process behaviors and techniques, and learning how to cope with fear, which can significantly impact how credible others perceive our message to be. Moving past the words, and applying acting and improv skills, along with improving pitch, pace, and tone, his programs have achieved astonishing results.

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Poker champion turned business consultant Annie Duke teaches you how to get comfortable with uncertainty and make better decisions as a result.

In Super Bowl XLIX, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made one of the most controversial calls in football history: With 26 seconds remaining, and trailing by four at the Patriots' one-yard line, he called for a pass instead of a hand off to his star running back. The pass was intercepted and the Seahawks lost. Critics called it the dumbest play in history. But was the call really that bad? Or did Carroll actually make a great move that was ruined by bad luck?

Even the best decision doesn't yield the best outcome every time. There's always an element of luck that you can't control, and there is always information that is hidden from view. So the key to long-term success (and avoiding worrying yourself to death) is to think in bets: How sure am I? What are the possible ways things could turn out? What decision has the highest odds of success? Did I land in the unlucky 10% on the strategy that works 90% of the time? Or is my success attributable to dumb luck rather than great decision making?

Annie Duke, a former World Series of Poker champion turned business consultant, draws on examples from business, sports, politics, and (of course) poker to share tools anyone can use to embrace uncertainty and make better decisions. For most people, it's difficult to say "I'm not sure" in a world that values and, even, rewards the appearance of certainty. But professional poker players are comfortable with the fact that great decisions don't always lead to great outcomes and bad decisions don't always lead to bad outcomes.

By shifting your thinking from a need for certainty to a goal of accurately assessing what you know and what you don't, you'll be less vulnerable to reactive emotions, knee-jerk biases, and destructive habits in your decision making. You'll become more confident, calm, compassionate and successful in the long run.

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Building on the success of her bestselling book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, Melinda Emerson is back with her new book, Fix Your Business, her 90-day plan to get control of your business and get back your life. Readers will get concrete advice on the problem areas of running a small business with a step-by-step turn around system to build a flourishing enterprise. Based on her 12 Ps of Running a Successful Business and interviews with top business experts, it offers action steps at the end of every chapter. Emerson has built a system that will help a business owner see results in 90-days. This book is specifically about how to go from struggling to thriving so that you can scale or sell your businesses some day. Fix Your Business, is the ultimate guide to running a business that works for you, while drastically improving your quality of life and bottom-line. Using her 12 Ps of Running a Successful Business readers will learn: • How to build your leadership mindset • How to remove the daily stress of managing your small business finances • How to build processes and systems that will allows the owner to have time freedom • Rock-solid techniques to improve people management • Step-by-step advice to create a sales system “Melinda Emerson has developed a detailed process that when followed will positively impact your business. She will help you find time to read this book and implement its teachings using her “12 Ps of running a successful business.” W. Kenneth Yancey, Jr., CEO, SCORE Fix Your Business gives you a step-by-step way to get yourself back in charge. It’s an organized, practical makeover for your business. Written by a world-class expert, known and respected by millions of business owners.” Tim Berry Author, Lean Business Planning “If you want a roadmap for business success you must read Fix Your Business by Melinda Emerson. Her 12 Ps of Running a Successful Business lay the groundwork to build a scalable business that will allow you to live your dream life.” Jon Gordon Bestselling Author, The Power of Positive Leadership

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In communities across America, people are trying to support entrepreneurs. They know entrepreneurs add jobs, character and vitality to a community’s economy. Beyond Collisions gets behind the meetups, the accelerators and the hackathons to provide a guide for how to support entrepreneurs – how to build the entrepreneurial infrastructure. Entrepreneurship is poised to take its place alongside attraction and retention as a key economic development strategy. In traditional economic development, there is a defined process for the attraction and retention of companies. With entrepreneurship, there’s been no infrastructure, no roadmap. In most communities, efforts to support entrepreneurs are fragmented. Beyond Collisions provides a clear, proven path to building the entrepreneurial infrastructure that can enable people to start and grow thriving companies. It’s not one program, no silver bullet. It’s a process, a strategy to identify, connect and empower entrepreneurial support resources, and then measure the results. Maria Meyers, Kate Pope Hodel and the SourceLink team have been working in Kansas City and across the country for 15 years, listening, learning and leading. They join with others, the entrepreneurs of entrepreneurship, to share hard-earned lessons about how to build the kind of inclusive, supportive network that encourages entrepreneurship. Beyond Collisions explores key questions. Section One addresses why should a community support entrepreneurship, what an entrepreneurial infrastructure looks like and who benefits. Section Two provides practical, tactical steps to identify, connect, empower and measure the entrepreneurial infrastructure. Section Three outlines strategies around marketing, funding and leadership. Sprinkled throughout are stories from the field, firsthand accounts of building networks, encouraging entrepreneurs and analyzing outcomes.

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Imagine what your life would be like if your mother was the CEO of a global company. She could provide the type advice that would propel your career and help you overcome the many stumbling blocks that keep people from fulfilling their full potential at work. That s the idea behind Mom.B.A. Essential Business Advice from One Generation to the Next by Karyn Schoenbart, CEO of The NPD Group, and a highly acclaimed business leader. Mom.B.A. is an insider s guide to career success, based on Schoenbart s lessons to her daughter Danielle, now an established businesswoman in her own right. Even if you don t have a CEO for a mom, Karyn's lessons on everything from effective first impressions and workplace politics to relationship development, skill building, and priority-setting will take you further than you ever thought possible. Mom.B.A. is divided into the following information-packed chapters: First Impressions: Make Sure They Want to See You Again Networking and Relationships: Build a Foundation Surviving Your Boss: We All Have to Report to Someone Managing and Motivating Others: Step Away from the Desk Dealing with Difficult Situations: When the Going Gets Tough, Get Smart Skilling Up: Learning What You Need to Succeed Global Expertise: More Than Stamps on a Passport Leadership: Inspiring Others to Follow You The Career Journey: Where to Next? The Balancing Act: What It Means To Have It All

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Of the three dominant ideologies of the twentieth century—fascism, communism, and liberalism—only the last remains. This has created a peculiar situation in which liberalism’s proponents tend to forget that it is an ideology and not the natural end-state of human political evolution. As Patrick Deneen argues in this provocative book, liberalism is built on a foundation of contradictions: it trumpets equal rights while fostering incomparable material inequality; its legitimacy rests on consent, yet it discourages civic commitments in favor of privatism; and in its pursuit of individual autonomy, it has given rise to the most far-reaching, comprehensive state system in human history. Here, Deneen offers an astringent warning that the centripetal forces now at work on our political culture are not superficial flaws but inherent features of a system whose success is generating its own failure.

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Business schools teach that the most important prerequisite for starting a business is a business plan. Nonsense, says Carl Schramm in Burn the Business Plan, who for a decade headed the most important foundation devoted to entrepreneurship in this country. Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Google are just a few of the companies that began without one.

Schramm explains that the importance of a business plan is only one of the many misconceptions about starting a company. Another is the myth of the kid genius—that all entrepreneurs are young software prodigies. In fact, the average entrepreneur is thirty-nine years old and has worked in corporate America for at least a decade. Schramm discusses why people with work experience in corporate America have an advantage as entrepreneurs. For one thing, they often have important contacts in the business world who may be customers for their new service or product. For another, they often have the opportunity to strategize with knowledgeable people and get valuable advice.

Burn the Business Plan tells stories of successful entrepreneurs in a variety of fields. It shows how knowledge, passion, determination, and a willingness to experiment and innovate are vastly more important than financial skill. This is an important, motivating look at true success that dispels the myths and offers invaluable real-world advice on how to achieve your dreams.

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We've all seen the negative impact of self-serving leaders in every sector of our society. Not infrequently, they end up bringing down their entire organization. But there is another way: servant leadership.

Servant leaders lead by serving their people, not by exalting themselves. This collection features forty-four renowned servant leadership experts and practitioners--prominent business executives, bestselling authors, and respected spiritual leaders--who offer advice and tools for implementing this proven, but for some still radical, leadership model.

Edited by legendary business author and lifelong servant leader Ken Blanchard and his longtime editor Renee Broadwell, this is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging guide ever published for what is, in every sense, a better way to lead.

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Business schools teach that the most important prerequisite for starting a business is a business plan. Nonsense, says Carl Schramm in Burn the Business Plan, who for a decade headed the most important foundation devoted to entrepreneurship in this country. Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Google are just a few of the companies that began without one.

Schramm explains that the importance of a business plan is only one of the many misconceptions about starting a company. Another is the myth of the kid genius—that all entrepreneurs are young software prodigies. In fact, the average entrepreneur is thirty-nine years old and has worked in corporate America for at least a decade. Schramm discusses why people with work experience in corporate America have an advantage as entrepreneurs. For one thing, they often have important contacts in the business world who may be customers for their new service or product. For another, they often have the opportunity to strategize with knowledgeable people and get valuable advice.

Burn the Business Plan tells stories of successful entrepreneurs in a variety of fields. It shows how knowledge, passion, determination, and a willingness to experiment and innovate are vastly more important than financial skill. This is an important, motivating look at true success that dispels the myths and offers invaluable real-world advice on how to achieve your dreams.

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Only ten years ago driving was about horsepower, style and comfort -- people said they loved their cars. Today, we can see the transformation in the automotive industry including ridesharing and carsharing with the new concepts of mobility and motion changing every day. Will consumers lose the e-motion they previously had for their vehicles? Maybe the new e-motion will be a different type of connection, one that understands, learns, and reasons as you move through your life; this is the concept of a cognitive vehicle and lifestyle that is discussed within. This book provides the trends and technologies in the automotive industry as it moves from a connected vehicle to a cognitive vehicle and how automotive manufactures facing the market shift from an organizational-centered to an individual-centered economy.

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Stop saying 'no' to opportunity, and start saying 'yes' to possibility
Happy Accidents is your personal guide to transforming your life. As we take on task after task, responsibility after responsibility, we lose sight of who we are and why we're doing what we do; we rush through the day completing a to-do list, but we never really seem to accomplish the things that are most important. What goals do you have for your life? What steps have you taken toward them today? Consider this book your guide to getting back on track to your dreams and help inspire those around you. It's not about doing more or doing less, it's about making what you do worthy of the effort. From forging new relationships, stepping out of your comfort zone, and reframing your work—start valuing these as empowering choices you get to make toward a particular goal every day.

To preserve our precious time and energy, we often default to 'no,' yet this only closes the door to our growth, while a 'yes' opens up a world of possibilities. The secret is adding 'yes, and' to our lives. This seductively simple turn of phrase opens the doors to better collaboration and positive relationships, and invites self-sustaining opportunities into our world. 'Yes, and' helps you get from where you are, as an individual or organization, to where you want to be.

No person or organization is an island, and none of us reaches our goals alone. This book shows you how to build on the power of open-mindedness, cultivate supportive relationships, and adopt a win-win mindset to reignite your purpose and unleash your best.

Harness the power of team collaboration, cooperation, and creativity
Reframe 'mistakes' and 'bad ideas' into 'Happy Accidents' that lead to opportunities
Communicate more effectively by learning how to listen actively and build on the pertinent information
Relinquish some degree of control to allow for more growth and discovery
Children have a natural inclination toward curiosity. As we grow into adults, our curiosity gradually takes a back seat to obligations, responsibility, and duty—but that spark remains, and can be reignited. Don't spend your life adrift in a sea of 'could've, would've, should've'—take back your sense of purpose, positivity, joy, time, and energy with the power of Happy Accidents.

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Maximize your bottom line with the nation's most trusted small business tax guide
J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2018 is the small business owner's ultimate guide to a money-saving, stress-free tax season. Providing straightforward advice from the nation's most trusted tax expert on small business taxes, this book gives you the answers you need quickly, with clear, concise guidance. Updated and expanded to cover new and changing tax law, this edition also includes an e-supplement covering the latest developments from Congress and the IRS to keep you fully up-to-date.

A complete listing of all available business deductions and credits helps you identify those you qualify for, and includes critical information on dollar limits, recordkeeping requirements, and how to actually take the write-off—all the way down to which line on which form. Organizational and planning strategies help you get through the process quickly and with fewer headaches, and this year's changes to the tax laws are explained in terms of how they affect your filing.

Keeping up with the intricacies of tax law and filing is a full-time job—but it's not your full-time job. You have a business to run. This book gives you the guidance you need in the time that you have so you can get taxes out of the way and get back to work.

Learn which expenses qualify for deductions—and which ones don't
Adopt a more organized recordkeeping system to streamline the filing process
Explore small-business-specific strategies for starting or closing a business, running a sideline business, and operating in multiple businesses
Decode the various forms and worksheets correctly with step-by-step guidance
Review obligations for the 'other taxes,' including payroll and excise taxes
Every year, millions of small business owners overpay their taxes because they lack the time and expertise to make tax-sensitive business decisions throughout the year only to learn that it's too late to act when it comes to tax time. Now you can put your money back where it belongs—in your business. J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2018 helps you take wise actions during the year and tells you how to file completely and accurately while maximizing your bottom line.

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“It’s not personal. It's just business.”

A mantra that rattles every corporate hallway. So loud, at times, we forget who we are and what we have become.

Corporate profitability, growth and career development without strong values give way to destructive behaviors and damaging work environments.

In today’s corporate world, success is often equated with sacrificing our values and well-being for capital gain such as wealth, power and possessions. But these sacrifices are a lie.

Shawn Vij, a successful business leader and consultant for major Fortune 100 companies, became inspired to write this book after a “universal crossing” with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In Moral Fiber, Vij shares his “awakening” through hard-won insights on ethical business practices and how they can be leveraged for personal and professional growth. Filled with tips, tales, and tools to identify and eliminate toxic behaviors and motivators, as well as priceless lessons from top industry leaders and powerful research from academics, Moral Fiber is the ultimate guidebook on how to create a thriving business and career while staying true to who you are and what you believe.

Taking an innovative and secular approach to business ethics, Moral Fiber threads a strand of corporate consciousness that roars among the millennial workforce: Capitalism with Compassion.

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What does it take to succeed today both personally and professionally?
In looking for answers, one obvious place to start would be to talk to self-made men and women who themselves are successful. That's exactly what Michael W. Sonnenfeldt—an accomplished entrepreneur—has done here in this ground-breaking book.

Drawing on the wisdom, insight and experience of members of TIGER 21 (The Investment Group for Enhanced Results in the 21st Century), and supplementing that with additional research and interviews, Sonnenfeldt offers real-world guidance and often counter-intuitive advice and conclusions.

Among the things you'll learn are:

Why grit and focus trump intelligence just about every time.
Why having—and listening to— a wise mentor will create shortcuts to getting more done.
What you need to do to avoid getting in your own way. And why.
'Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations' can be avoided by taking some simple, commonsense steps.
Think BIGGER will inspire you, no matter where you are in your business career. It will also show you that the skills you use to grow wealth can be applied to making the world a better place.

Your success can benefit others.

Michael W. Sonnenfeldt is the founder and chairman of TIGER 21, the premier peer-to-peer learning network for high-net-worth first generation wealth creators in North America and London. He is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and most excited that all of his proceeds from this book will support the TIGER 21 Foundation for young entrepreneurs.

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In The Ugly Truth About Cash Ruth King reveals many of the ways thieves steal from hard working entrepreneurs. This book gives business owners what to look out for, and the procedures to implement that will protect their hard earned cash and assets.

Through stories and lessons learned from entrepreneurs who have been there, you'll discover how to handle such situations as: My bookkeeper was going through a nasty divorce; Don't give out bonus checks; I almost hired a CFO; My bookkeeper was making fake deposits in QuickBooks; I paid $3,718 for employees to eat at their desks.

Profitability Master Ruth King is a seasoned entrepreneur who has owned 8 businesses in the past 36 years. One of her passions is "turning on the financial light bulb" for business owners through consulting, speeches, workshops, on-line courses, and writing books and articles.

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In this book, we will be reviewing these issues to help business leaders create a path to protecting, using, and storing data that makes sense and to save money, time, and effort.

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With Chasing Perfection, CEO and business coach Sue Hawkes provides actionable practices to conquer self-doubt while maximizing your success. You'll learn to stop chasing the illusion of perfection and eliminate the barriers to your full leadership potential. Inside, you'll discover how to:

* Achieve continuous self-improvement, resulting in increased freedom, internal peace, and unshakable excellence

* Challenge your thinking, minimize self-doubt, overcome self-imposed obstacles, and maximize yourself and your possibilities.

* Explore ways to create a certainty of self that is unwavering and uncompromising

Stop chasing perfection; it's time to dismantle your fixed mind-set and unlock limitless possibilities for yourself.

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The human race is caught in the crosshairs of twin threats stemming from exponential advances in technology: easy access to weapons of mass destruction by terrorists, and the development of artificial intelligences that could take over our infrastructure. In Crisis of Control, Peter Scott lays out the stark choices and consequences facing us in clear, provocative, and sometimes humorous language. This book is for those with the courage to face unpleasant facts head-on: the stakes could not be higher. Yet there is hope, and Scott shows a path that might lead us through the crucible to a future of limitless promise.

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In a business world where we are told that time is money, the real currency is communicating clearly at a poised and measured pace. Better Business Speech: Techniques, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Public Speaking at Work by Paul Geiger focuses on the challenges of being a strong communicator in a range of business settings. It begins with the basic premise that all speaking for business is public speaking. Therefore, these are the communication scenarios where any lack of confidence in speech ability will be magnified. The obstacles that stand in the way of successful meetings, presentations, networking events, job interviews, and sales calls are all clearly described. Seasoned speech coach Paul Geiger offers tricks, techniques, and shortcuts that all seem shockingly simple; but it is the retraining of the mind and body that is the hard part. He details practical daily exercises that lead to better speech habits and addresses the causes of ineffective speech pattern in both personal and business settings. The physical and mental aspects of speech are explored in the context of forming a strong speech technique foundation that never loses sight of the importance of always sounding authentic. By offering action steps and helpful online tutorials, Geiger provides readers with the tools necessary to make lasting changes that will enhance speaking skills in all facets of business life.

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Just as your DNA may determine your destiny, a company's organizational DNA may determine its destiny. The DNA of Leadership helps you understand how to shape your company's genetic code for success. Expert author Judith E. Glaser identifies the 7 vital leadership practices that can reshape an organization into a WE-centric culture--a culture that will enable people to effectively work together during times of organizational change. Learn how to "graft" these 7 practices onto meetings, conversations, and strategic initiatives, and you'll leverage talent, maximize results, and boost profits in amazing ways!

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From the time we learn to speak, we're told that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. When you become a manager, it's your job to say it--and your obligation.

Radical Candor is a simple idea: to be a good boss, you have to care personally at the same time that you challenge directly. When you challenge without caring it's obnoxious aggression; when you care without challenging it's ruinous empathy. When you do neither it's manipulative insincerity.

This simple framework can help you build better relationships at work, and fulfill your three key responsibilities as a leader: creating a culture of feedback (praise and criticism), building a cohesive team, and achieving results you're all proud of.

Radical Candor offers a guide to those bewildered or exhausted by management, written for bosses and those who manage bosses. It shows managers how to be successful while retaining their humanity, finding meaning in their job, and creating an environment where people both love their work and their colleagues.

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Every family has a story to tell; some are just more extraordinary than others. In the father/son authored memoir Madness, Miracles, Millions, Joseph and Larry Semprevivo tell their family's story and in doing so they demonstrate that with real sacrifice and hard work, anyone can realize their dreams. This book is the story of not only a million dollar company and its humble beginnings, but of the family who built the company and the many obstacles, both personal and professional, they overcame to accomplish their ultimate success. This is certainly not a tale of silver spoons and entitlement. The Semprevivo family's account takes the Horatio Alger narrative to a new level by presenting a family that not only overcame poverty with hard work, but also overcame life-threatening illness and near fatal accidents.

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Your team is only as strong as your influence, and many leaders today are mistaken about what it means to be influential. An outdated influence paradigm, along with technological devices and distractions, is making it increasingly challenging for leaders to reach those they need to influence in order to be successful. In fact, many leaders are unwillingly and unknowingly sabotaging themselves and their influence.

In her thought-provoking book Influence Redefined, Stacey Hanke introduces her powerful Influence Model, a step-by-step method for improving communication and producing the ideal type of influence-one that moves people to action long after an interaction is over. She dispels the most common influence myths and instructs leaders on how to stop sabotaging themselves in order to leave a positive, lasting impression.

Using a results-based definition of influence for individuals and organizations, Hanke successfully shows leaders how they can develop influence as a skill through self-awareness, consistency, a positive reputation, adaptability, and impact.

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The healthcare industry has always dealt with change. But the environment we're navigating now requires change at a whole different level. We've moved from experiencing episodic change to continuous change and as John Kotter has famously noted, that requires a whole different set of skills and a whole different level of urgency.

In A Culture of High Performance: Achieving Higher Quality at a Lower Cost, thought leader Quint Studer explains how to leverage the powerful values that have always defined healthcare people passion, fortitude, willingness to learn to meet the challenges of our disruptive external environment.
Writing in his trademark conversational style, he lays out the framework, principles, processes and tactics that hardwire excellence in your organization all the while growing a culture of consistent reliable execution that drives quality higher and higher (and higher!) as it controls costs.

Packed with new research and fresh insights all brought to life with humorous, thought-provoking and inspiring stories, this book is a must have for any leader struggling to shore up margins while sustaining an organization that's a great place for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine and patients to receive care.

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Today's consumers are in charge of the ads they see - and the brands they choose to let into their world. Their friends are generating hundreds of interesting and compelling posts a day and commanding their attention.

For marketers who assume they can join the conversation, the question is not just how to get some of this attention. It's how to give it. Even though the game has changed, many brands still play by the old rules - assuming that consumers want to welcome their messaging. Yet other brands easily build authentic connectivity and lead consumers through the purchase funnel to loyalty.

The Participation Game examines how and why consumers adopt brands. Based on four years of consumer research and 3,000 case studies, the book explores the variables that drive consumers to participate in their favorite brands. Workbook activities provide a logical next step for marketers.

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Even in a tight economy, job satisfaction isn’t a luxury; fulfilled, happy employees are productive, innovative, and loyal. And workplace fulfillment spills over into happier families and better communities. Jim Donovan, a small-business owner, consultant, and speaker, has worked with employees and employers for twenty-five years. In that time he has tested and honed these shift-producing strategies on everything from managing time, making decisions, and marking milestones to breaking patterns, bouncing back, and becoming exceptional.

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Whether you're a small business with limited resources, an established company using a traditional business model, or a hungry start up who wants a bigger bang for your buck, The Membership Economy provides a wealth of membership-building options to suit every need.

You'll learn the best kept secrets of top industry leaders, from global giants like Am Ex and Weight Watchers to smaller dot-com successes like SurveyMonkey and Pandora. You'll find proven strategies for creating membership programs for everything from vacation timeshares and car rentals to video streaming and Software-as-a-Service.

Most importantly, you'll discover what works, and what doesn't, from some of the key players in the new membership economy. It's not about ownership; it's about access, options, and freedom.
When you join forces with your customers, membership has its rewards for you, your company, and your continued success.

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An employee leaves and you post the open position. Resumes trickle in. You interview a few candidates. No one fits the bill. The next thing you know, three months have passed and that desk is still empty.

Nothing drives business success like a staff of talented, productive employees. So why accept a hiring process that fails you time and time again?

Well, there's one person who doesn't: Scott Wintrip. And in High-Velocity Hiring, he provides the tools and systems for creating a hiring process designed for today's fast paced, talent deficient landscape. Using the proven methods Wintrip has applied at some of today's more forward thinking companies, you'll hire top employees faster and smarter.

High Velocity Hiring replaces the old, worn out way of hiring with the simple but revolutionary approach of actively cultivating top talent before positions open. The old way is slow and inefficient. Wintrip's way is dynamic and proven effective. You'll enrich and maintain a flow of high quality candidates, harness this flow by identifying the most talented people, and channel it into a pool of ready to hire prospective employees.

More than ever, hiring the best people requires foresight, planning, alertness, and decisive action. With High Velocity Hiring, you have everything you need to seize the high ground in the war for talent and maintain it for long-term growth and profitability.

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The Melting Point of the title refers to a critical psychological threshold that all of us face when under massive stress and pressure the point at which we cannot control our thinking, emotions, and behaviors in an impactful way anymore. We start to internally derail, show dysfunctional behaviors, and perhaps even walk away.

Dr. Marcolli discusses how leaders can achieve sustainable top performance by raising their Melting Point so they can successfully handle the enormous pressures of today s demanding commercial environment. This, in turn, enables them to maintain a winning edge in their career, lead their team effectively, and deliver tangible long-term benefits to their organization, especially in highly competitive times.

Dr. Marcolli was himself an elite athlete (a professional soccer player) before studying performance psychology and then successfully coaching several athletes including Roger Federer, top teams, and senior business leaders. The book contains unique valuable first-hand insights from top performers in the worlds of sports, high performance coaching, and, especially, from business, with Dr. Marcolli drawing upon numerous in-depth interviews with senior corporate leaders.

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A roadmap to success for tomorrow's leaders
The EQ Leader provides an evidence-based model for exceptional leadership, and a four-pillar roadmap for real-world practice. Data collected from thousands of the world's best leaders—and their subordinates—reveals the keys to success: authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation. By incorporating these methods into their everyday workflow, these leaders have propelled their teams to heights great enough to highlight the divide between successful and not-so-successful leadership. This book shows you how to put these key factors to work in your own practice, with clear examples and concrete steps for improving skills and competencies. New data from the author's own research into executive functioning describes the neurological aspects of leadership, and a deep look at the leaders of tomorrow delves into the fundamental differences that set them apart—and fuel their achievement.

Leadership is changing, both in look and practice; strictly authoritative approaches are quickly losing ground as today's workers discover the power of collaboration and the importance of interpersonal awareness. This book provides step-by-step guidance for leading from within this space, with evidence-based approaches for success.

Lead authentically to inspire and motivate others
Support employee's needs and nurture development
Communicate with purpose, meaning, and vision
Foster ingenuity, imagination, and autonomous thinking
An organization's success rests on the backs of its leadership. At all levels, true leadership is about much more than management and task distribution—it's about commitment, collaboration, nurturing talent, developing skills, fostering relationships, and so much more. The EQ Leader integrates the essential factors of successful leadership into a concrete blueprint for the future's leaders.

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The Disney Difference is must-reading for fans of Disney or for anyone who wants to apply the lessons and magic of Walt Disney to their organization. If you serve customers, charitable donors, or guests, this book will show you how you can give your best and give everyone a more magical experience.

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Lawsuits play an important role in moving society forward. But the legal profession and the public it serves deserve less costly, less stressful, and more cooperative alternatives.

As an alternative to lawsuits, structured negotiation has led to settlement agreements with Bank of America, Walmart, CVS, Major League Baseball, Anthem, Weight Watchers, and a host of other organizations. Settlements with the City and County of San Francisco, Houston's Metropolitan Transit Authority, and Massachusetts General Hospital demonstrate the process is also a viable litigation alternative for disputes in the non-profit and public sector.

In Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits, readers will learn how to establish ground rules; h ow to hold collaborative meetings and bring in experts without discovery battles; and how to give clients a meaningful role that respects their expertise and builds relationships.

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Employers want to know....
Are you teachable?
Are you accountable?
Are you purposeful?
Are you trustworthy?
Are you respectful?
Are you promotable?

Read this gem and learn how to answer all of these questions with a resounding yes ! This quick and easy read is overflowing with curated wisdom from Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, one of the top 25 gurus of personal development, along with the real-world expertise from his daughter, Tracey C. Jones, a leadership expert in her own right.

A Message to Millennials is a must for any individual looking to develop their leadership skills or organization intent on developing the next generation of leaders. Learn practical tips and punchy truths that will allow you to see things more clearly so you can build you path to the top!

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Are you an entrepreneur that has a killer idea and you're looking for a way to take your company to the next level? Have you established initial momentum with your product and you're now ready to raise some outside money to take your company to the next level?

Plan, Commit, Win is a blueprint for entrepreneurs, company founders, startup CEOs and business owners, to help them build more successful businesses and get them funded.

In this book, serial entrepreneur and former tech CEO, Patrick Henry explains how to build a fundable company. He reveals the truth about what investors are looking for and presents a three-part plan to smash through the typical business roadblocks, allowing you to move far beyond the bootstrapping stage.

The Plan, Commit, Win methodology will dramatically improve your chances of being successful and getting the money you need to fuel the growth of your business. If you follow the steps of this process, you will significantly improve your chances of being successful, and dramatically improve your chances of getting funded.

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Many people bring spiritual practices into every aspect of their lives except the boardroom! But spiritual guidance can be used just as easily to help fill the bottom line as it does to fill our hearts and souls.

In The Path to Wealth, entrepreneur May McCarthy will show you how to create a true financial partnership with the all knowing power in the universe that she calls your Chief Spiritual Officer, or "CSO." This is not a dogmatic book; McCarthy encourages you to partner with a higher power of your own understanding, but she is insistent on one point: this power is within you and it knows what must happen for you to receive what you want.

In this book you'll learn the job descriptions for both yourself and your CSO, and you'll have a daily road map to help you achieve your financial goals. As you practice these steps daily, you will experience seeming miracles that you never thought possible, all with less effort and more fun. Once you decide what you want, it's the CSO's job to create the path to get you the goods you've defined. Your job is to follow each step in this daily practice and watch as the benefits you want unfold.

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The End of Assembly Line Management

We’re in the midst of a revolution. Quantum leaps in technology are enabling organizations to observe and measure people’s behavior in real time, communicate internally at extraordinary speed, and innovate continuously. These new, software-driven technologies are transforming the way companies interact with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

This is no mere tech issue. The transformation requires a complete rethinking of the way we organize and manage work. And, as software becomes ever more integrated into every product and service, making this big shift is quickly becoming the key operational challenge for businesses of all kinds. We need a management model that doesn’t merely account for, but actually embraces, continuous change. Yet the truth is, most organizations continue to rely on outmoded, industrial-era operational models. They structure their teams, manage their people, and evolve their organizational cultures the way they always have.

Now, organizations are emerging, and thriving, based on their capacity to sense and respond instantly to customer and employee behaviors. In Sense and Respond, Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden, leading tech experts and founders of the global Lean UX movement, vividly show how these companies operate, highlighting the new mindset and skills needed to lead and manage them—and to continuously innovate within them.

In illuminating and instructive business examples, you’ll see organizations with distinctively new operating principles: shifting from managing outputs to what the authors call “outcome-focused management”; forming self-guided teams that can read and react to a fast-changing environment; creating a learning-all-the-time culture that can understand and respond to new customer behaviors and the data they generate; and finally, developing in everyone at the company the new universal skills of customer listening, assessment, and response.

This engaging and practical book provides the crucial new operational and management model to help you and your organization win in a world of continuous change.

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Leland Faust unmasks Wall Street's unsavory tactics in powerful detail by giving readers a high-level view of how the financial services industry misleads them, overcharges them, and exposes them to needless risk. He documents the financial industry's alluring come-ons, airbrushed risks, high-stakes gambling, half-truths, misleading statements, outlandish predictions, tricks to overcharge customers, bad deals, and outright fraud by the most prominent and renowned of Wall Street's players.

A Capitalist's Lament is about what happens when financial firms and their employees forget whose interest they are supposed to protect. It shows how making foolish or wrong predictions is of no consequence to those who make them and how Wall Street luminaries with poor track records still garner celebrity status. Most of all, it spotlights how Wall Street manipulates the system and furthers its own interests at its customers' expense and puts us all at great risk. Here is what you need to know to protect yourself from "business as usual" and get ahead-instead of getting taken.

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Faced with historically low levels of employee engagement (as little as 13% according to Gallup's latest survey), business leaders see coaching as key to unlocking the human talent, creativity, and innovation that is hiding in plain sight in their workplaces. And rather than bring in external coaches for this purpose, they want to integrate coaching into their company culture.

The Master Coach is written for these leaders, and is perfectly positioned to become the definitive book on the topic. Drawing on the wealth of experience that has made Gregg Thompson and Bluepoint Leadership Development the choice of numerous Fortune 100 companies, it illuminates the essence of what it takes to be a great coach.

The Master Coach is based on the simple but profound 3Cs Coaching Model. This proven approach asserts that to master the art of coaching one must have an exemplary Character that invites the trust of others, be able to form rapid Connections with others at deeply personal level, and have the ability to initiate and guide intense, attitude-changing Conversations. At every step, Thompson reminds readers that coaching is not merely about what the coach says or does; it is about who he or she is.

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Uniting broad, time-tested security principles and the author's 35-plus years of experience with international security, intelligence, and foreign affairs, Understanding Personal Security: A Guide for Business Travelers offers a detailed yet practical framework on which to develop personal security awareness and training programs.

As a critical resource for any travelers who may need to make fast, smart judgements in high-risk environments, this book helps readers analyze threats, threat actors, and the common adversarial characteristics, as well as the function of risk as a differentiating principle. This versatile text blends abstract organizing principles with street honed instincts, becoming equally valuable to security managers with previous experience and those corporate or non-profit organizations with employees in developing nations.

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Life is full of resistance seeking to sink your dreams. It takes hard work plus a daily dose of G.R.I.T. to overcome this resistance and reach your goals. G.R.I.T. stands for Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity which Scott Petinga, Chief Troublemaker at The Scott Petinga Group, says are the foundational ingredients necessary to get the journey started, keep momentum going, effectively handle hurdles along the way, and stick with the task until the destination is reached.

In No One Ever Drowned in Sweat, Scott breaks down each trait of G.R.I.T. and how to successfully use them to reach goals. Besides sharing his own experiences, Scott adds words of wisdom from interviews of over 50 notable CEO's, entrepreneurs, non-profit heads, thought leaders athletes, everyday heroes, academics and forward thinkers from all walks of life.

You'll learn how these traits are the driving force that makes things happen. Scott explains how it is the elements of G.R.I.T. that are needed to restore the business world which has grown basically weak and unproductive because corporate heads have valued those with educational parchments and alphabetical titles over those with the characteristics of G.R.I.T.

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Are you looking for an edge to land that big contract or keep your largest customers secure? Discover proven techniques from sales leadership veteran, Lisa D. Magnuson, to cultivate executive relationships that will pay big dividends. Pair this with exclusive C-suite executive contributions that provide real-world insight into their expectations of sales professionals to take your sales to the TOP!

Learn strategies and tactics to build long-term executive relationships including how to:
* Cultivate the right executives and champions
* Unlock the code to on-going interactions with senior leaders
* Master effective meeting strategies and post-meeting momentum techniques

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For nearly two decades, America's industrial manufacturing sector has been in decline-and as a result, the nation's prosperity and strength is at risk. Meanwhile, China's manufacturing capabilities and competence continue to grow, threatening to overtake America as the world's most powerful and prosperous nation.

Drawing on straightforward principles that can effectively be applied to a broad spectrum of manufacturing companies, author Steven L. Blue taps his leadership skills and proven processes honed over his career of growing companies-and saving them-to offer readers an inspiring vision for revitalizing the entire manufacturing sector.

Using case studies and examples from his own experiences, both at Miller Ingenuity and in other roles earlier in his career, Blue organizes his lessons in leadership, strategy, and change management into seven values of ingenuity: innovation, excellence, commitment, community, teamwork, respect, and integrity. American Manufacturing explains how this highly integrated system of operating values can be implemented to turn around a company (if needed) or to propel it to extraordinary growth and prosperity.

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Creating a financial blueprint can give you the knowledge to banish anxiety and fear, take control of your finances, work to secure your future, and get on with pursuing your fullest life!

In Better, Richer, Fuller, Greg Powell will help you develop Your Financial House® and empower you to identify your goals and dreams and create a strategy for pursuing them.

Greg created the Your Financial House® concept as he helped his four-year-old daughter color in the rooms of a house she had drawn. He wondered, what if this house could help people think about the financial planning process in a new way. The result a blueprint, rather than a plan has helped his clients bring all facets of financial decision-making and life planning under a single roof.

What financial decisions are you struggling with? How in charge of your money and your financial future do you feel today? What future event is keeping you awake at night, wondering how you ll manage? Where in your life do you simply wish you had more? In Better, Richer, Fuller, you ll find a holistic blueprint free of jargon and complexity that can

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The next step in HR’s creation of value―turning the war for talent into victory through organization

“HR is not about HR. HR begins and ends with the business.”

The RBL Group and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan have shaped much of the HR profession for 30 years through the Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS). With this latest (7th) round of research, Dave Ulrich, David Kryscynski, Mike Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank call for us to pivot from fighting the “war for talent”―to creating victory through organization.

Sure to be an HR classic, Victory Through Organization provides the rationale for shifting your focus from how to help individuals prosper to the organization. Filled with fact-based insights and field-tested strategies, it demonstrates that organizational success isn’t just about the talent you have―it’s about how the collective organization makes the individual talent better. To this end, HR professionals and business leaders will learn:

• How they can ensure that organization creates greater value than the sum of individual talent parts.
• How to create more integrated HR solutions for business results across multiple stakeholders
• How HR departments can better create a comprehensive information advantage
• How HR professions can master the competencies that have greatest impact on their personal effectiveness, key inside and outside stakeholders, and business results

Victory Through Organization offers tools business leaders and HR professionals need to better respond to emerging opportunities, and it provides expert advice for building HR departments to deliver measurable business value. You will learn how to build organization capabilities, strengthen systems, and empower human capital―for longer lasting success.

Building and retaining a solid, talented workforce is a great thing. Creating the competitive organization that wins is even more important for business results.

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It can be messy and overwhelming to figure out how to solve thorny problems. Where do you start? How do you know where to look for information and evaluate its quality and bias? How can you feel confident that you are making a careful and thoroughly researched decision?

Whether you are deciding between colleges, navigating a career decision, helping your aging parents find the right housing, or expanding your business, Problem Solved will show you how to use the powerful AREA Method to make complex personal and professional decisions with confidence and conviction.

Cheryl’s AREA Method coaches you to make smarter, better decisions because it:
Recognizes that research is a fundamental part of decision making and breaks down the process into a series of easy-to-follow steps.
Solves for problematic mental shortcuts such as bias, judgment, and assumptions.
Builds in strategic stops that help you chunk your learning, stay focused, and make your work work for you.
Provides a flexible and repeatable process that acts as a feedback loop.

Life is filled with uncertainty, but that uncertainty needn’t hobble us. Problem Solved offers a proactive way to work with, and work through, ambiguity to make thoughtful, confident decisions despite our uncertain and volatile world.

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When employees thrive, the company thrives.
Is your workplace working for you and your employees? Studies show that unhealthy work habits, like staring at computer screens and rushing through fast-food lunches are taking their toll in the form of increased absenteeism, lost productivity, and higher insurance costs--but it doesn't have to be that way.
Companies such as Google, Apple, Aetna, and Johnson & Johnson have used innovative techniques to incorporate healthy habits and practices into the workday and into their culture--with impressive ROI. Packed with real-life examples and the latest research, The Healthy Workplace proves that it pays to invest in your people's well-being and reveals how to:
Create a healthier, more energizing environment - Reduce stress to enhance concentration - Inspire movement at work - Use choice architecture to encourage beneficial behaviors - Support better sleep - Heighten productivity without adding hours to the workday
Filled with tips for immediate improvement and guidelines for building a long-term plan, The Healthy Workplace will boost both employee well-being and the bottom line.

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Roberts makes the case that this may be the greatest time in history to start a business! Using Roberts' strategies and principles in this book, learn how to become ''UNEMPLOYABLE!'' your entire life! Most of us are taught to get a good education and a good job. The idea that we should be content to have someone else dictate our daily commute, our income, schedules and vacations is the accepted norm. To some, the idea of life in a cubicle eight hours a day is akin to torture! What does it really take for someone to jump off the employment treadmill and participate in the free enterprise system, unencumbered by traditionally accepted myths?

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When failure is not an option.
Big new ideas rarely make great businesses . . . Laboring on a business plan can be a waste of time . . . You are going to need dramatically more start-up money than you think you do.
Counterintuitive concepts like these have helped the world's best entrepreneurs succeed. Yet most of us only learn them the hard way. Len Green, an experienced investor, entrepreneur, and business professor, shares inside secrets and proven tactics for launching a business. Based on his popular Ultimate Entrepreneurship course, the book explains how to:
Locate sure-bet opportunities for improving products - Get serious about positioning, distributing, and licensing - Find funding - Take calculated risks and minimize failure - And much more.
The Entrepreneur's Playbook allows you to become a virtual student: dozens of exercises (which you can submit online for feedback) and hundreds of examples make the learning stick. Why stumble your way to possible failure when you can tap into the best ideas for making your venture work.

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The future: It's ours to create. We can build it in whatever way we want to.

As you peer into the coming years and see the opportunities, the truth is clear: there has never been a better time to be a marketer. The next fifteen years will unleash unprecedented improvements in social connection, efficiency and quality of life, for everyone, the world over.

Well-known marketing industry leader, Jon Wuebben, draws on the latest research, data and predictions across multiple disciplines to show you how cultural and technological shifts will impact the marketing practice; how content marketing and marketing technology will change; why platforms will supplant brands for building an audience; what the world's foremost futurists are predicting for the next 15 years; why the Prosumer will be the new customer

Like everything else, marketing will change dramatically in the coming years. Future Marketing is your handbook to navigate the exciting, upcoming terrain. So, take a seat, buckle up and get ready; the train to the future of marketing is leaving the station!

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Business owners today are constantly faced with difficult challenges and eight of ten new businesses will not survive the first five years. Competition is difficult and building a sustainable, profitable business is arguably the most challenging sport in all of business today. In The Ultimate Business Tune Up Rich Allen combines the experiences of his father’s own small business, his personal experiences running and growing a business, and his learning from advising hundreds of small business owners into a powerful, step-by-step guide for small business owners everywhere. Rich introduces a model that is both easy to understand and powerful when used to make strategic business decisions.

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If there is an overriding philosophy that Ora Nadrich ascribes to, it is this: you can help yourself solve your own problems, you can do it daily, and the process doesn’t need to be complex. Flying in the face of the often oblique language of the self help movement, Ora, a certified life coach with a thriving practice in Los Angeles, prides herself on not only having devised a method of self discovery and mindful practice that is simple, direct and applicable to everyone, but is also easy to understand and put to use. And, like brushing your teeth, can be done daily and take about as much time. Simplicity is her mantra.
That philosophy forms the basis of, "Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever," in which Ora vividly illustrates and breaks down her simple yet highly effective method, based on the principle that while we all face obstacles and negative thoughts in our lives, it is not enough to simply examine and be aware of them---we must question and challenge them in order to bring about true change.

Many of the obstacles people face,are the result of their own negative thoughts holding them back. And often those thoughts don't even originate within them; they're the ideas or opinions of someone else---a critical parent or angry spouse, for instance---which they believe without questioning to see if they're even real or true. Since thoughts create beliefs---which then create behavior---negative thoughts are dangerous things to leave unchecked. You must question them, challenge them. Says Who?" shows us how.

More than simple "think positive" slogans and inspirational platitudes, this is not just a motivational book; instead "Says Who?" provides practical, tangible steps to tackling a condition that affects us all: negative thoughts.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, lawyer, student or just have an interest in the venture capital ecosystem,
Venture Deals is for you. The book dives deeply into how deals are constructed, why certain terms matter (and others don't), and more importantly, what motivates venture capitalists to propose certain outcomes. You'll see the process of negotiating from the eyes of two seasoned venture capitalists who have over 40 years of investing experience as VCs, LPs, angels, and founders. They will teach you how to develop a fundraising strategy that will be a win for all parties involved.

And as in the previous editions, this book isn't just a one-sided opinion from venture capitalists, but also has helpful commentary throughout from a veteran CEO who has raised many rounds of financing from many different investors.

If you are ready to learn all the secrets and ins and outs of fundraising, Venture Deals is an essential read.

Listen to interviews with Jason Mendelson, cofounder of Foundry Group and SRS Acquiom, the largest mergers and acquisitions closing platform.
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Venture Deals has earned the Small Business Advocate seal of approval.

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The difference between helping and selling is just two letters

If you’re wondering how to make your products seem more exciting online, you’re asking the wrong question. You’re not competing for attention only against other similar products. You’re competing against your customers’ friends and family and viral videos and cute puppies. To win attention these days you must ask a different question: “How can we help?”

Jay Baer’s Youtility offers a new approach that cuts through the clut­ter: marketing that is truly, inherently useful. If you sell something, you make a customer today, but if you genuinely help someone, you create a customer for life.

Drawing from real examples of companies who are practicing Youtility as well as his experience helping more than seven hundred brands improve their marketing strategy, Baer provides a groundbreaking plan for using information and helpfulness to transform the relationship between companies and customers.

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Cynthia Kyriazis shares with you the best organization and time-management principles of her 25-year professional career as a productivity trainer and coach. From small business owners to Fortune 500 companies, these principles are proven, effective, and most importantly, applicable to your life, work, and business.

Kyriazis provides coaching and instruction on how to build the foundation for your time-management success: Getting Organized. Once you have mastered this formerly ‘easier-said-than-done’ principle, your time and newly found focus will facilitate the building of the things you really want to be successful at: goal-setting, prioritizing, scheduling, communications, and delegating, to name a few.

It all really does begin with organization, so don’t procrastinate.

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Bad problem solving costs individuals and society incalculable amounts of time, money, and sanity. In Stop Guessing Nat Greene -- who's been solving hard problems professionally for over twenty years -- shares nine behaviors anyone can adopt to find solutions to even the most seemingly intractable problems.

The problem with most problem solving, Greene says, is that it's not problem solving at all: it's guessing. We have an idea of what might work and we try it out. If that doesn't work, we try something else. And so on. It's inefficient at best, and with really hard problems there are simply too many variables for guessing to work.

Greene shows you how to adopt the behaviors great problem solvers use to arrive at solutions efficiently -- without guessing. He illustrates them with examples ranging from everyday issues like fixing a malfunctioning garage door to stopping frequent breakdowns at a chemical plant (saving millions of dollars) to addressing the scourge of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. So stop guessing and start solving today!

Click here to listen to interviews with Nat Greene, co-founder and CEO of Stroud International.
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Online or Flatline gives small business owners an easy to follow, affordable guide and a strong plan of action for creating a successful and valuable online presence.

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The SIMPLE Life focuses on the process of moving from a busy, distracting life to a simple life of purposeful living where once-present shiny objects are no longer necessary or desirable. Appealingly short, The SIMPLE Life is the perfect choice for those who know their overly-scheduled, distracted lives are at breaking point but don’t know how they got to this point or how to go about making a change for the better.What Readers Will Take From “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required”

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Congratulations to Jim Blasingame on being awarded the 2015 Axiom Business Book Award for "The Age of the Customer: Prepare for the Moment of Relevance."

About The Age of the Customer

This Has Never Happened Before.

You're operating your business in a time when something is happening that is so momentous it has never happened before. Jim Blasingame identifies it as an epochal marketplace shift that's causing the 10,000-year-old Age of the Seller to be replaced by the Age of the Customer.

Jim will reveal to you in plain language:
• How the two Ages currently, but temporarily, exist in parallel universes, and how much time you have left to join the emerging universe.

• How relevance is replacing competitiveness as the coin of the realm, and what you have to do to make this switch to Age of the Customer thinking.

• How your future will increasingly be decided at the Moment of Relevance, and what you have to do to be the chosen one at that moment.

• The new influencers who co-own your brand message sometimes before you even know they exist and how you can get them to be your partner.

• Why you must become a storyteller.

• The good, bad, and ugly of social media.

• The killer app that wasn't any part of your past but will dominate your future.

Jim will teach you how the Age of the Customer is impacting love, trust, emotions, niches, globalization, intellectual property, selling, branding, and even technology. Plus he will reveal what is not going to change.

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People want to buy from, work for, and partner with companies that matter.

So how do you build a company that matters?

Companies and people that matter have successfully become the obvious choice in the hearts and minds of their customers, their employees, and their communities. They elevate themselves by consistently finding ways to solve the most pressing needs their markets face. The result? They create more value year after year and build a sustainable, differentiated organization.

In Matter, Peter Sheahan and Julie Williamson show you how to identify the place where you can create the most value-your edge of disruption-at the intersection of old and new, where your existing profits, reach, and reputation enable you to create the markets of the future. This is the place where the most important problems are solved and where the fewest people can solve them. Your edge of disruption is where your opportunity to matter is found.

Don't just read this book-use it to identify and act on opportunities to create the most value and accelerate your own journey to becoming a person and a company that matters.

Click here to listen to interviews with Peter Sheahan, founder and Group CEO of Karrikins Group and author of several books, including Flip, Generation Y, and Making it Happen.
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TODAY'S ECONOMY IS INCREASINGLY BORDERLESS. Every company that seeks to grow beyond its national boundaries needs a globalization team to help develop, translate, adapt, and promote products to international markets. This team is vital to ensuring that customers receive product information and support in their own language in a personalized and seamless way. From a company's website, to product interfaces and documentation, to telephone and online support, providing this culturally specific experience is essential to building a brand across international borders with a solid enterprise approach. Ideal for global corporate leaders, board members, employees, and students, Truly Global provides an insider's look at how large companies move into international markets to successfully deliver their product to customers across different cultures and languages. It covers everything you need to know, to globalize your company from start to finish, including who to recruit as members of a globalization team, how to integrate globalization in each department, and how to use the team's research to build your brand's presence in new markets. This book will help your company succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy, and lay the foundation for your growth from national company to international household brand.

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The Great Disruption reveals how 3D printing manufacturing will transform the world in the same way that Henry Ford’s Model T upended transportation or Gutenberg’s printing press started an information revolution. It traces both the impact of this disruption as it rapidly spreads around the world and affects every kind of industry imaginable, while detailing specific steps that can and should be taken right now to prepare.

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Leading sales trainer, researcher and CEO of Hoffeld Group, David Hoffeld, has the answer. Blending cutting-edge research in social psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, The Science of Selling shows you how to align the way you sell with how our brains naturally form buying decisions, dramatically increasing your ability to earn more sales.

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Small changes lead to big results that stick. 5% More presents a painless route to change, with results that can last a lifetime. Whether you want to boost your health, wealth, or wisdom, this book reveals a key technique that makes it stick.

You may already know that breaking big goals into small chunks makes them easier to achieve, but the trick is in making those chunks large enough to be productive, yet small enough to be sustainable. This book shows you how to bring your goals within reach with only five percent more effort. Five percent is almost unnoticeable in terms of effort-but it accrues quickly, with each step boosting the baseline. Increase sales, decrease your marathon time, boost your savings, or master a new skill. Just five percent more can get you where you want to be.

Small changes, small commitments, and small adjustments can lead to very big results. You can accomplish more than you ever thought possible in your business or in your life. Mountain climbers don't conquer Everest on their first time out-attempting to do so would be a tragic failure. No matter what your goal, no matter what your baseline, small, incremental steps set you up for success. 5% More gives you a concrete strategy for realizing your goals and making changes that last.

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Starting a business is hard, but keeping an established company going can be equally challenging. In the long run, every business will need to adapt to changing market conditions, technologies, and competitive environments. Achieving Longevity explains how to manage those changes through entrepreneurial thinking.

As Jim Dewald shows, the most successful companies thrive by establishing decision-making processes that constantly engage new opportunities, enabling the firm to quickly adapt to disruptive technologies and business models. They allow for tinkering and experimentation and strive to both exploit their competitive advantage today and explore new ideas that will give them an edge tomorrow.

Achieving Longevity provides a framework for introducing the tools and culture necessary to foster entrepreneurial thinking, as well as advice on how to overcome common obstacles to corporate entrepreneurship. Drawing on Dr. Dewald’s own experience as an entrepreneur, a successful corporate executive, and a professor of strategy, the book offers numerous examples of how to combine the strengths of an established firm with the innovative, outside the box thinking of a start-up venture.

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2106 Selecting the President is an urgent wake up call. The election of 2016 will be one of the most important in American history. Our choice of President will affect the future of the United States and the world for the rest of the 21st century. The person chosen is not just President of the United States. The position is of global leader, global decision maker and global visionary.

It is not enough to select someone with qualities that fit our national needs when the stakes are planetary. The future of the world depends on an America that is strong, just and fair. It is a responsibility. We have no choice. If we fail, the forces of intolerance and tyranny will prevail. Our survival is at stake.

People look to the U.S. for leadership across the globe. Our leaders are not saints but should seek to be models of integrity. They should be expected to do the right thing even if it is not the right time. With proper leadership we can try to resolve the great issues that affect our lives, and the earth we inhabit, with fairness, liberty, justice and reason. The American Presidency symbolizes these principles.

This book is not an endorsement of one candidate over another. Instead, it is about the qualities we should demand that the President of the United States have to be the leader of a world that endeavors to provide opportunities for all in an atmosphere of freedom. We should realize that we do not elect a President, but elect a government. The Chief Executive of America appoints thousands who administer the apparatus of the largest bureaucracy on earth. They should reflect the same leadership qualities of those who appointed them to roles of public trust.

Today we have the means to articulate what we feel are the traits that our top leader should have. Social media provides a new platform for all classes to communicate debate, convey and vent feelings from the bottom so that the top understands what we need at this time in our history. We should encourage discussion in all forms of media until it is clear that we will select and not settle for anyone but the best and brightest to be President of the United States.

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Congratulations to Jim Blasingame on being awarded the 2015 Axiom Business Book Award for "The Age of the Customer: Prepare for the Moment of Relevance."

About The Age of the Customer

This Has Never Happened Before.

You're operating your business in a time when something is happening that is so momentous it has never happened before. Jim Blasingame identifies it as an epochal marketplace shift that's causing the 10,000-year-old Age of the Seller to be replaced by the Age of the Customer.

Jim will reveal to you in plain language:
• How the two Ages currently, but temporarily, exist in parallel universes, and how much time you have left to join the emerging universe.

• How relevance is replacing competitiveness as the coin of the realm, and what you have to do to make this switch to Age of the Customer thinking.

• How your future will increasingly be decided at the Moment of Relevance, and what you have to do to be the chosen one at that moment.

• The new influencers who co-own your brand message sometimes before you even know they exist and how you can get them to be your partner.

• Why you must become a storyteller.

• The good, bad, and ugly of social media.

• The killer app that wasn't any part of your past but will dominate your future.

Jim will teach you how the Age of the Customer is impacting love, trust, emotions, niches, globalization, intellectual property, selling, branding, and even technology. Plus he will reveal what is not going to change.

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Tens of millions of Americans are between the ages of 18 and 30. These Americans, known as millennials, are, or soon will be, entering the workforce. For them, achieving success will be more difficult than it was for young people in the past.

This is not because they are less intelligent, they have worked less hard, or they are any less deserving of the American dream. It is because Washington made decisions that render their lives more difficult than those of their parents or grandparents. Their younger siblings and their children will be even worse off, all because Washington has refused to fix the problem.

This book describes the personal stories of several members of this disinherited generation. Their experiences are not unique. It is impossible to hear these stories and not understand that holding back a nation’s young is the antithesis of fairness and no way to make economic or social progress.

Their stories are an indictment of America’s treatment of its young. A nation that prides itself on its future has mortgaged it. A nation that historically took pride in its youth culture has become a nation that steals from its young. People who should have fulfilling, productive lives are sidelined, unemployed, or underemployed.

Meanwhile, America expects millennials and others of the disinherited generation to pay higher taxes for government programs that benefit middle-aged and older Americans, many of whom have better jobs and more assets.

It is time someone told the full story of the crisis facing America’s young. The future of America can be saved, but only if our government’s betrayal comes to an end. It is a war without victors, only victims. The birthright of the America’s young must be restored, and the time to do so is now. This book explains how.

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Too much personal wealth management advice essentially boils down to goal-setting, which isn't helpful or effective in terms of overall financial planning. Family Inc. takes a different track, giving you a crash course in corporate finance and the tools to apply the field's proven, time-tested principles in the context of your family's financial situation. You'll learn the key principles of wealth creation and management, and learn how to make your intellectual and real capital work for you.

Your family situation is unique, and your principles must sometimes differ from the standard financial advice-and that's okay. Life is not a template, and even the best strategy must be able to adapt to real-life situations. You'll learn to chart your own path to financial security, utilizing the author's own tools that he developed over 15 years as an active board member, chairman of the board, or chief financial officer of multiple companies.

Every family needs a CFO to manage wealth, and the principles of corporate finance apply from the boardroom to the living room. Family Inc. delivers actionable advice in the form of CFO training to help you plot a real-world family financial plan.

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Main Street Entrepreneur offers a unique look at what it takes to create a successful and thriving business. Lifelong entrepreneur, business consultant, and university professor, Michael Glauser rode 4,005 miles in 45 days, spent 246 hours on a bike seat, climbed 165,748 vertical feet, and interviewed more than 100 entrepreneurs in 100 cities along the way to discover the secrets to entrepreneurial success.

Glauser has distilled hours of interviews and research to present the nine keys for creating the lifestyle of your dreams, and you won't need a 30-page business plan, venture capital, or an exit strategy. All you need to do is implement nine keys for success. Not everyone can build a Facebook, Google or eBay, but anyone with passion and tenacity can do what these entrepreneurs all across America are doing.

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Is your small business or non-profit having trouble standing out in today's crowded and competitive markets? In your efforts to look legitimate, you're likely promoting your brand with promises, words and images that blend in instead of break through. The solution? Find your Twist.

In Twist: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands, Julie Cottineau, former Vice President of Brand for Richard Branson's Virgin Group, founder of Brand School, and a global authority on impactful and effective branding, shares her unique Twist approach which helps businesses remove their brand blinders and look outside of their categories for actionable insights that build stronger brands and better business results. She uses easy to follow examples of actual small businesses that have successfully applied her methodology. Don't waste another minute on "me-too" marketing until you read this book and build your own Twist.

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Of one million people striving for success, 999,999 will experience failure along the way. Embracing Failure: Your Key to Success is for those who've tried and failed, or failed to try through fear of failing.

It reframes failure as the acronym, Fruitful And Informative Lesson Urging Renewed Effort. Thus, one's chances of success are dramatically increased.

The foreword is written by best-selling author, Rodney C Flowers, who is living proof that the right mindset makes all the difference when dealing with what could be perceived as failure. He writes, "You see, whenever we embrace the desire to accomplish something greater in our lives, we all have to make the decision to either step forward into growth and reach for our goals and dreams despite the possibility of failure, or allow our fear of failure to hold us back in a place of ill-conceived comfort and security. Lennox Cornwall provides the remedy to this life-threatening conception of failure with this book, Embracing Failure: Your Key to Success."

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Bryan Mattimore is a big idea guy. For the past twenty-five years, he has helped Fortune 500 companies create over $3 billion in new innovations using his unique creative-thinking exercises. In 21 DAYS TO A BIG IDEA: CREATING BREAKTHROUGH BUSINESS CONCEPTS, Mattimore takes readers through a disciplined creative process to create original and practical new business concepts.

By investing less than an hour a day for twenty-one days, you will:
1) learn a new toolkit of creative thinking strategies and problem-solving techniques that can be used for solving a wide variety of both personal and professional challenges, and
2) generate more than a dozen new concepts from which to choose the highest potential/winning idea for a new start-up.

Entertaining and easy-to-follow, 21 DAYS TO A BIG IDEA is a must-read for all aspiring entrepreneurs, helping you to discover and implement your first―or your next―biggest idea.

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More than half of all small businesses fail within the first five years. Starting and running a small business is hard work, and many entrepreneurs feel they must do whatever it takes to succeed, at the expense of their family, friends, and health. Yet, if done correctly, small-business ownership can-and should-balance profitable operations with personal fulfillment. Tom Salonek-founder and CEO of Intertech, a Minnesota-based technology consulting and training firm- believes this balance is actually the secret to success.

In The 100, Salonek shares his secrets to business success in the form of 100 concise, nuts-and-bolts lessons for achieving the ideal work-life balance for maximum success. Written in clear, direct prose, these lessons are packed with actionable ideas and practical advice for using communication, collaboration, and technology to help small-business owners cultivate the best qualities not only in themselves, but in their employees as well.

Whether you own your own business or are simply thinking of starting one, this book will help you inspire teamwork, meet client expectations, clarify your personal values, and create a company culture to match. In addition, readers will gain access to a plethora of downloadable online resources-checklists, worksheets, templates, and more-to help implement the book's ideas.

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What Do HENRYs Want? Your guide to reaching the most important affluent demographic -- High-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet New mini-book by speaker, author and luxury marketing expert Pam Danziger. Gain new insights and understanding about the HENRYs, the high-earners-not-rich-yet mass-affluent customers, who are the new mass-market consumers with discretion & future target market for luxury brands. This mini-book is a quick and concise overview of the HENRYs, why this new demographic is important to brands and how to connect with this high-spending customer, poorly understood by marketers serving both the mass market and the luxury markets. It includes a look at brands, including two in-depth case studies, that are capturing the brand loyalty, and spending power, of the HENRY customer.

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Shatter the work-life balance myth by creating one life and one family
Tired of trying to attain the mythical work-life balance and constantly feeling frustrated? Are you giving yourself a C for your performances at work and at home? Teresa A. Taylor knows that trying to be a career woman and a mom can leave you feeling tired and defeated, and she wants you to take a new approach. She herself rapidly ascended through the ranks to become COO of a Fortune 200 company while raising two boys with her working husband, and in The Balance Myth, she shows you how you can do it too.

Taylor takes you along to a meeting in the White House, to union negotiations, and to her sons' soccer practices as she shares her candid, humorous, and heartfelt stories. Based on these real-life experiences and the lessons she learned from them, she shares the key to living with multiple responsibilities: integrating--not bifurcating--your personal and professional worlds. In addition, she offers insights about leading with integrity; surrounding yourself with positive resources; pushing through adversity; and celebrating accomplishments--especially your own.

Taylor couldn't take the mother out of the career woman or vice versa, and she believes that you shouldn't have to either. Don't search for balance; the answers are within you!

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Authors Dr. Ivan Misner and Brennan Scanlon are experts in the area of business networking. Their careers have focused on teaching entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales people how to build and leverage professional referral networks. Their combined fifty years of experience and ideas have been funneled directly into this book.
In Avoiding the Networking Disconnect, they share their networking insights, providing you with stories, statistics, and strategies for creating more sales through a tried-and-true approach that champions connections rather than competition.
At the heart of this approach are the "three Rs." Similar to the three Rs of education (reading, writing, and arithmetic), the three Rs of business networking-relationships, referrals, and results-must be consistently cultivated to avoid the networking disconnect.
Avoiding the Networking Disconnect provides you with the five steps for building and maintaining strong business networks-steps that go far beyond just showing up at events and passing out your business cards! It will take some effort, and the process won't always flow smoothly, but with the aid of this book, you'll soon be reaping the generous benefits of a business approach based on sharing and trust.

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Consider the $20 bill.

It has no more value, as a simple slip of paper, than Monopoly money. Yet even children recognize that tearing one into small pieces is an act of inconceivable stupidity. What makes a $20 bill actually worth twenty dollars? In the third volume of his best-selling Naked series, Charles Wheelan uses this seemingly simple question to open the door to the surprisingly colorful world of money and banking.

The search for an answer triggers countless other questions along the way: Why does paper money ("fiat currency" if you want to be fancy) even exist? And why do some nations print so much of it that it becomes more valuable as toilet paper than as currency? How do central banks use the power of money creation to stop financial crises? Why does most of Europe share a common currency, and why has that arrangement caused so much trouble? And will payment apps, bitcoin, or other new technologies render all of this moot?

In Naked Money, Wheelan tackles all of the above and more, showing us how our banking and monetary systems should work in ideal situations and revealing the havoc and suffering caused in real situations by inflation, deflation, illiquidity, and other monetary effects. Throughout, Wheelan's uniquely bright-eyed, whimsical style brings levity and clarity to a subject often devoid of both. With illuminating stories from around the globe, Wheelan demystifies the curious world behind the paper in our wallets and the digits in our bank accounts.

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A lot of people today are dealing with some questions that are really tough as they start Life 2.0… After you’ve been a business owner, a CEO, or any kind of corporate executive, how do you reinvent yourself? When you’ve followed a script your whole life, what do you do when you don’t know the next chapter? More importantly…how do you create a new story for yourself?

In Recalibrate for Life 2.0, you’ll find conversations with fourteen executives largely C-level corporate leaders, or business owners who chose to disclose with honesty and with their insights, ideas and strategies as they carved out a path to a life change. Following the conversations, you will find a summary of key takeaways and questions to ask yourself. And, Recalibrate for Life 2.0 introduces a simple, four-step plan that will get you started. You will take inventory, craft your story and your plan, explore and experiment to test your ideas and interests then identify what to recalibrate.

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"On the Back Burner" is Lee Stoerzinger’s passionate exhortation to the citizens of 21st century America to align the values that we espouse with the values that we live.

Stoerzinger is a Certified Financial Planner®, adept at seeing how what we do now creates the future that we want for ourselves and for our heirs. He understands that at the center of financial planning is life planning. This is a book about legacy in the broadest sense. "On the Back Burner" shows us that by figuring out what we want to leave behind, we can enrich the lives we have today.

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Does the character of our leaders matter?

You may think this question was answered long ago. Countless business authors and analysts have assured us that great leadership demands great character. Time and again, we've seen that truth play out, as once-thriving organizations falter and fail under the guidance of leaders behaving badly. Why, then, do so many executives remain skeptical about the true value of leadership character? A winning strategy and a sound business model are what really matter, they argue; character is just the icing on the cake.

What's been missing from this debate is hard evidence: data that shows not only that leadership character matters for organizational success, but how it matters; and concrete evidence that it leads to better business results. Now, in this groundbreaking book, respected leadership researcher, adviser, and author Fred Kiel offers that evidence--solid data that demonstrates the connection between character, leadership excellence, and organizational results.

After seven years of rigorous research based on a landmark study of more than 100 CEOs and over 8,000 of their employees' observations, Kiel's findings show that leaders of strong character achieved up to five times the ROA for their organizations as did leaders of weak character.

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What type of culture does your business have right now?

Is it one of connection, control, or indifference? Understanding the culture and factors that help workers thrive is essential to a business's success. The culture of control and indifference that is dominant in today's society can lead to employee disengagement and burnout. But there is hope.

Connection Culture will help you become part of the turnaround story and create a winning culture where people commit and thrive. It will give you the tools to become more intentional about:

  • putting yourself in a healthy culture
  • creating a culture to boost employee engagement, productivity, innovation, and performance
  • implementing actions that increase and sustain the health of the cultures you work in.

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In Working for You Isn't Working for Me, Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster apply their research and insights to the challenges of "toxic bosses." Sooner or later, we all work for someone we can't stand. When that happens, some people quit, some suffer in silence, and others cope by sulking, obsessing, avoiding, or retaliating. But it's better to take control by applying the four-step process in this book:

• Detect: Am I crazy or is my boss driving me crazy?
• Detach: Accept that you can't change your boss, but you can take back your power.
• Depersonalize: Learn to take your supervisor's behavior less personally.
• Deal: Devise a plan to get what you need, manage your boss, and move your career forward.

Filled with concrete examples, this book will help readers take back their power from even the most challenging bad bosses- chronic critics, yellers, unconscious discriminators, control freaks, pathological liars, and more.

Click on cover to order.

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About the Book: When we talk about the generations that make up our society (and workforce), the myths are just as important as the general truths. These myths are very powerful because they shape how we look at generations. They form in these spaces of misunderstanding between them. We must recognize and acknowledge the gaps that exist. If we focus on the commonalities instead of the differences, we can arrive at a place where all generations can thrive. What are the challenges with a generationally diverse workforce? What is the gap we're minding? How do we mind this generational gap, use our understanding of it, so we get business results? Many organizations I've worked with, and senior colleagues I've talked to, struggle to work through how to get the best business results from an organization made up of many different generations that want different things. Today, so many organizations are flatter and freer of hierarchy. Employees once segregated by age and position now work more closely together. The flatter the organization, the more it takes to effectively execute a business strategy. This book addresses simply what organizations and leaders in organizations can do to focus on minding the gap to get the best business results from their multigenerational employees. --Curtis L. Odom, Ed.D.

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Two-thirds of executives say their organizations don't have the capabilities to support their strategy. In Strategy That Works, Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi explain why. They identify conventional business practices that unintentionally create a gap between strategy and execution. And they show how some of the best companies in the world consistently leap ahead of their competitors. Based on new research, the authors reveal five practices for connecting strategy and execution used by highly successful enterprises such as IKEA, Natura, Danaher, Haier, and Lego. These companies:

• Commit to what they do best instead of chasing multiple opportunities
• Build their own unique winning capabilities instead of copying others
• Put their culture to work instead of struggling to change it
• Invest where it matters instead of going lean across the board
• Shape the future instead of reacting to it

Packed with tools you can use for building these five practices into your organization and supported by in-depth profiles of companies that are known for making their strategy work, this is your guide for reconnecting strategy to execution.

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Expert franchise consultant Mark Siebert delivers the ultimate how-to guide to employing the greatest growth strategy ever—franchising. Siebert tells you what to expect, how to move forward, and avoid costly mistakes as he imparts decades of experience, insights, and practical advice to help grow your business exponentially through franchising.

Learn how to:
• Evaluate your existing businesses for franchisability
• Identify the advantages and disadvantages of franchising
• Develop a business plan for growth on steroids
• Evaluate legal risk, obtain necessary documents, and protect intellectual property
• Create marketing plans, build lead generation, and branding for a new franchise
• Cultivate the franchisee-franchisor relationship

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A good boss hits his goals and leads his team. A superboss blows away her goals by building an army of new leaders. Which would you rather be?

What do football coach Bill Walsh, television executive Lorne Michaels, technology CEO Larry Ellison, and fashion pioneer Ralph Lauren have in common? On the surface, not much, other than consistent success in their fields. But below the surface, they share a common approach to finding, nurturing, leading, and even letting go of great people. The way they deal with talent makes them not merely success stories, not merely organization builders, but what Sydney Finkelstein calls superbosses. They've all transformed entire industries.

After ten years of research and more than two hundred interviews, Finkelstein has concluded that superbosses exist in nearly every industry, from the glamorous to the mundane. If you study the top fifty leaders in any field, as many as one-third will have once worked for a superboss.

While superbosses differ in their personal styles, they all focus on identifying promising newcomers, inspiring their best work, and launching them into highly successful careers-while also expanding their own networks and building stronger companies.

By sharing the fascinating stories of superbosses and their protégés, Finkelstein explores a phenomenon that never had a name before. And he shows how each of us can emulate the best tactics of superbosses to create our own powerful networks of extraordinary talent.

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A How-To Guide for the Modern Leader

Inspired by Peter Drucker's groundbreaking bookThe Effective Executive, Laura Stack details precisely how 21st-century leaders and managers can obtain profitable, productive results by managing the intersection of two critical values: effectiveness and efficiency.

Effectiveness, Stack says, is identifying and achieving the best objectives for your organization-doing the right things. Efficiency is accomplishing them with the least amount of time, effort, and cost-doing things right. If you're not clear on both, you're wasting your time. As Drucker put it, "There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all." Stack's 3T Leadership offers twelve practices that will enable executives to be effective and efficient, grouped into three areas where leaders spend their time: Strategic Thinking, Teamwork, and Tactics. With her expert advice, you'll get scores of new ideas on how you, your team, and your organization can boost productivity.

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Business, culture, and competitive landscapes have fundamentally changed, but basic principles and best practices for succeeding and future-proofing both yourself and your organization haven't. With a mix of compelling stories, research from the social sciences and psychology, and real-world insights, Make Change Work for You shows readers how to reignite their career, rekindle their creativity, and fearlessly innovate their way to success by providing the tools needed to master uncertainty and conquer every challenge they'll face in life or business.

Make Change Work for You opens with an overview of the most common factors that lead to self-defeating behaviors, including fear of failure, embarrassment, underperformance, rejection, confrontation, isolation, and change itself.

Using a simple four-part model, Steinberg guides readers to understand and better respond to the challenges that change can bring: Focus, Engage, Assess and React.

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Beyond Texting is the first book for teens to explain how to be plugged in without neglecting the necessity and power of physical, human interaction. Sure, MySpace and Facebook are wonderful ways to communicate with friends or stay in touch with a far off relative. Yet success in the online world does not transfer to success in the art of conversation. Even the most outgoing teen may find a job interview, first date, or meeting with a teacher to be challenging because of lack of skills. Beyond Texting presents communication tools and conversation skills to boost confidence, survive AND thrive.

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We all know people who seem to move from success to success, with barely a pause or dip in between. In a world full of people who almost win, these are the few who do it repeatedly and consistently. Larry Weidel has benefitted tremendously from the mentorship of some of these serial winners. Applying and adapting their lessons allowed him to achieve extraordinary success and help others do the same. In Serial Winner, he distills the five basic actions of the Cycle of Winning to help you:

* Move forward when you feel stuck.
* Crush early doubts and give yourself the best shot of succeeding.
* Overcome obstacles to win anyway.
* Maintain your mental toughness until you cross the finish line.

Whether you're just starting a venture or looking to get out of a longstanding rut, Serial Winner shows you the steps for creating a regular pattern of success!

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What if someone told you that . . .

You don't have to work hard to make a lot of money.

You can set any goal you want and make it happen.

You can cut your work time in half and double your income.

It's not impossible. In fact, it's DARN EASY.

If you think it takes long hours of stress-inducing, back-breaking work to build a successful career or business, this book will change your mind. The simple truth is: Once you put your mind to it, you can do just about anything. And the best part is: you can do it with ease!

Darn Easy is a wake-up call that will open your mind, fill your heart, and transform your life with a simple but powerful message: It's not hard to become rich, successful, and happy. It's a choice. And once you make that choice, it's easy.

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Written by a noted authority in leadership and change management, the second edition of this popular toolkit provides expert guidance on using feedback as a performance improvement tool. Describing best practices, it supplies the understanding required to effectively give and receive feedback across a wide range of work situations, including for one-on-one and group use.

The Feedback Toolkit: 16 Tools for Better Communication in the Workplace, Second Edition makes the feedback process easy to understand with a detailed six-step framework. It covers specific feedback tools and illustrates approaches for applying them in a variety of management scenarios—including situations where giving feedback feels more like giving an acid bath. The author explains how a team can learn from its mistakes and how the simple exercise of exchanging expectations with one another can help everyone refocus on ways that support effective teamwork.

Covering the latest developments, this updated edition supplies new techniques for addressing resistance to change and for maintaining positive dialogue during the performance evaluation process. Whether you’re in a corporate office, or operating a piece of heavy equipment on the shop floor, this book provides the tools needed to facilitate feedback, improve communication, and boost performance in your work environment.

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A new wave of Americans over 50 is redefining the way we work, live, and succeed. Enter Robert L. Dilenschneider, a renowned communication expert, with proven, practical guidelines to help the over-50-year-old meet today's work challenges -- and thrive!

More than just career counseling, this is life planning, with humor and the clear-eyed perspective that only comes with the seasoning of age. Whether you need to find new career direction, want to start your own business, or are finally ready to move on a long-held dream, this essential guide -- filled with inspiring true stories and real-life solutions -- is a game plan for succeeding at any age.

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Tens of millions of Americans are between the ages of 18 and 30. These Americans, known as millennials, are, or soon will be, entering the workforce. For them, achieving success will be more difficult than it was for young people in the past.

This is not because they are less intelligent, they have worked less hard, or they are any less deserving of the American dream. It is because Washington made decisions that render their lives more difficult than those of their parents or grandparents. Their younger siblings and their children will be even worse off, all because Washington has refused to fix the problem.

This book describes the personal stories of several members of this disinherited generation. Their experiences are not unique. It is impossible to hear these stories and not understand that holding back a nation’s young is the antithesis of fairness and no way to make economic or social progress.

Their stories are an indictment of America’s treatment of its young. A nation that prides itself on its future has mortgaged it. A nation that historically took pride in its youth culture has become a nation that steals from its young. People who should have fulfilling, productive lives are sidelined, unemployed, or underemployed.

Meanwhile, America expects millennials and others of the disinherited generation to pay higher taxes for government programs that benefit middle-aged and older Americans, many of whom have better jobs and more assets.

It is time someone told the full story of the crisis facing America’s young. The future of America can be saved, but only if our government’s betrayal comes to an end. It is a war without victors, only victims. The birthright of the America’s young must be restored, and the time to do so is now. This book explains how.

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Women are achieving equality in professional service firms by many metrics, but they continue to trail their male counterparts in making it to the very top leadership positions. While the public conversations have largely focused on women's concerns about work-life balance and their hesitation to lean in for opportunities, research demonstrates that the ability to develop business is a greater obstacle for women's success than any other reason.

While most firms actively tout an active commitment to advancing women at all levels, they also adhere tightly to the use of traditional business development strategies, strategies that are unequivocally failing to capture the strengths of talented women in these firms.

Through original research, detailed in the book, Dr. Reeves illustrates how women often are more successful in certain aspects of business development (networking, establishing relationships, delivering excellence in client service), but firms primarily reward closing the sale and getting the credit for the sale--two areas where women are less successful using traditional business development techniques. Dr. Reeves explains why most women (and also most men) fall prey to this flawed traditional business development approach and offers a series of alternative approaches that professional women (andmen) as well as the firms in which they work should use instead.

Dr. Reeves's groundbreaking research and innovative solutions will revolutionize business development for women (and most men), and propel women into the leadership roles which have evaded them in the past.

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Create meaningful relationships that translate to better business
Access to Asia presents a deeply insightful framework for today's global business leaders and managers, whether traveling from Toronto to Taipei, Baltimore to Bangalore, or San Francisco to Shanghai. Drawing from her extensive experience and global connections, author Sharon Schweitzer suggests that irrespective of their industry, everyone is essentially in the relationship business. Within Asia, building trust and inspiring respect are vital steps in developing business relationships that transcend basic contractual obligations. Readers will find in-the-trenches advice and stories from 80 regional experts in 10 countries, including China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Korea.

Discover the unique eight-question framework that provides rich interview material and insight from respected cultural experts
Track cultural progress over time and highlight areas in need of improvement with the Self-Awareness Profile
Learn the little-known facts, reports, and resources that help establish and strengthen Asian business relationships
Effective cross-cultural communication is mandatory for today's successful global business leaders. For companies and individuals looking to engage more successfully with their counterparts in Asia, Access to Asia showcases the critical people skills that drive global business success.

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To go-to guide for women who want to be part of the farming revolution.

Women are leading the new farming revolution in America. Much of the impetus to move back to the land, raise our own food, and connect with our agricultural past is being driven by women. They raise sheep for wool, harvest honey from their beehives, grow food for their families and sell their goods at farmers' markets. What does a woman who wants to work the land need to do to follow her dream?

First, she needs this book. It may seem strange to suggest that women farmers need a different guide than male farmers, but women often have different strengths and goals, and different ways of achieving those goals. Audrey Levatino shares her experiences of running a farm and offers invaluable advice on how to get started, whether you have hundreds of acres or a simple lot for an urban community garden. Filled with personal anecdotes and stories from other women farmers, from old hands to brand new ones, from agricultural icons like Temple Grandin, to her own sister, this book is a reassuring and inspirational guide that discusses:

Should you do an internship or jump right in?
-How to find a farm or how to handle one that you’ve inherited
-Best practices for selling at the farmer’s market and how to sell your goods locally
-Farmhouse chores and how to get them done right
-How to handle large power tools, including a chainsaw
-Planning and growing an organic farm garden
-Incorporating animals as part of a farm ecosystem
-Where to get started if you want to farm-school your kids
-Tips for keeping your mind, body and spirit healthy while undertaking the demanding nature of farm work

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Anyone can easily and efficiently learn how to drive users to their website with the use of this handy guide to both traditional and nontraditional search engine optimization (SEO). Social search, real-time search, semantic search, blog and RSS feed search, mobile engine and app search, and other search types need to be considered in order to optimize maximum exposure on the internet today. This book teaches how to prepare website content for semantic search engines, how search engines and social networking sites work together, how to apply organic search techniques to content and keyword lists, and how to apply it to an individualized framework to maximize online exposure. It goes on to provide analytical and metric tools to measure the success of the search optimization strategy. Using real-world examples and avoiding technical jargon, this guide is perfect for businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals who need practical, successful, and fast results that bring customers to their websites.

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In Leading with Care, management expert Mary Cantando examines the stories of trailblazing women in the developing world who, with help from the nonprofit organization CARE, have capitalized on personal and professional opportunities on the road to establishing self-sufficiency. As their stories reveal, through CARE, women around the world have overcome adversity to build new businesses, improve their health, prioritize education, and foster change in their communities.

But adversity can be found in every area of the world, and the book also includes the unique stories of top female executives who have similarly taken control of their lives, risen above their hardscrabble beginnings, and sought to give back locally and globally. Featuring new interviews from leaders at major global organizations, this book offers a look at how women around the world are not only inspiring but creating change. Cantando then maps out how readers can apply the lessons and best practices of these women in their own companies, whether they're C-suite executives at multinational corporations or run part-time businesses out of their home.

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Aliza Licht is a social media superstar. A global fashion communications executive, she is the voice behind the wildly popular @DKNY PR GIRL twitter feed that now boasts over half a million followers. Known for her chatty and intimate tone, she has also become beloved for her top-notch career advice and her enthusiasm for mentoring. Thousands of online conversations have led to many a coffee, mentoring strangers. But who can have coffee with everyone who asks? LEAVE YOUR MARK is her way of grabbing that coffee.
Now, in her first book, Aliza is here to tell her story, complete with The Devil Wears Prada-esque moments and insider secrets. Drawing invaluable lessons from her experience as a top fashion publicist, Licht shares advice, inspiration, and a healthy dose of real talk in LEAVE YOUR MARK. She delivers personal and professional guidance for people just starting their careers (“ ‘To Whom It May Concern’ never concerns anyone”) and for people who are well on their way (“Don’t just learn your job, learn everyone else’s”). With a particular emphasis on communicating and building your personal brand, something she knows a thing or two about, Aliza is your sassy, knowledgeable guide to the contemporary working world, where personal and professional lines are blurred and the most important thing you can have is a strong sense of self.

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What shapes a person's career and life, and defines them as a leader? Their decisions. We all want to be more productive and deliver our best results. But doing this effectively—and consistently over time—is a significant challenge. Managing it all is hard, and leading in today's hyper-paced world is even harder.

The good news is that leadership expert Steve McClatchy makes it easier. In Decide, McClatchy—who works with Fortune 1000 people every day to help them achieve outstanding levels of performance—shows you how to cut through the complexities and excuses to start realizing real gains simply by changing one thing: the way you make decisions. With McClatchy's help, you can quickly begin to:

Use the time you have each day to move your business and your life forward
Make decisions that yield better results
Waste less time, reduce stress and regain balance
Again and again, McClatchy has helped people learn for themselves how great decision-making habits yield a lifetime of accomplishments. Follow McClatchy's no-nonsense and practical approach, and you'll soon manage—and even lead—at your highest level of personal performance.

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Proven networking strategies to achieve lifetime professional success In today's competitive market, the typical ways of communicating don't serve the purpose of building strong, long-term connections. We need to build collaborative relationships that are memorable and influence others to aid in achieving our goals. What is the first step to connecting with the right person? It's not simply passing along a business card or rattling on about yourself, it is listening to what to the other person has to say. Link Out is filled with strategies that can turn strangers into connections that can change your career or business. Explains how to ensure that potential entourage members perceive you positively Offers a tracking process, which enables accountability Teaches how to express visions and goals through your personal brand Helps you to transform brief connections into relationships that produce valuable introductions and referrals Link Out delivers an entourage of people willing and eager to make introductions, connections, and referrals-propelling one's resume or business to the top of the heap.

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The happiness literature is about how to be happier. This book summarizes all of that advice, but adds an important caveat: Roughly one person in nine is born happy, and the other eight must find alternatives to happiness. The good news is that the alternatives to happiness are as satisfying or more than happiness itself. These five alternative modes of positive being are flow, fit, progress towards goals, altruism, and community. The theory is accompanied by practical suggestions about achieving these five modes.

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